See J-pop group f5ve doing a TikTok dance to Knocked Loose

It turns out the choreography for f5ve’s latest single Lettuce also works perfectly to Knocked Loose and Poppy’s Suffocate, as demonstrated by the J-pop group in this TikTok video…

See J-pop group f5ve doing a TikTok dance to Knocked Loose
Emily Carter
Knocked Loose photo:
Nat Wood

Another day, another instance of absolute world domination from Knocked Loose.

This time, the Kentucky hardcore superstars’ incredible 2024 collab with Poppy, Suffocate, has rather surprisingly been used by a J-pop group in one of their new TikTok videos.

The band, f5ve, have celebrated their latest single Lettuce by using the Suffocate audio in a dance video – because, for some miraculous reason, the original song’s choreography also lines up pretty well with the You Won’t Go Before You’re Supposed To rager. Sure.

Even more brilliantly, plenty of fans of f5ve (which is pronounced ‘fi-vee’) are now asking for a collab with Knocked Loose – so come on, people, let’s make this happen!

Check out the dance to Suffocate (and Lettuce) below:

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