See Rick Astley shredding along to Slipknot's Duality on TikTok

Rick Astley channels his inner Mick Thomson and rocks out to Slipknot's Duality… and it's absolutely perfect.

See Rick Astley shredding along to Slipknot's Duality on TikTok
Emily Carter

It's no secret that Rick Astley likes a bit of rock, having joined Foo Fighters onstage a couple of times, and even covered Dave Grohl and co.’s massive hit Everlong in lockdown last June. But apparently the ’80s star is pretty into metal, too, sharing a truly brilliant TikTok video of himself rocking out to Slipknot's Duality.

The Never Gonna Give You Up singer sort of gets masked up as he tackles the Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses) single on guitar, switching between a giant snowman head and a pair of sunglasses (not quite as scary or intimidating as Mick Thomson, but it kinda works nevertheless).

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Maggot Rick has actually spoken about his appreciation for the ’Knot before, telling Classic Rock in 2016 that Duality is in his top 10 rock songs ever.

"A lot of people’s perception of Slipknot if you’re not really aware of them is, 'Oh, it’s those guys who wear the masks,'" he said. "Which is very, very true; that is a lot about what they’re about, their identities being hidden all these years and all the rest of it – even though we kind of know what the singer Corey [Taylor] looks like. Or I do anyway, because I’ve seen stuff of him on YouTube going out doing his acoustic gigs and all the rest of it, which is a bit weird after all these years.

"This one just stands out to me as being a great song," he continued of why he likes Duality in particular. "They’re quite unconventional [in] the way they write songs sometimes, but it’s just a brilliant track. When I’m in my room thrashing about on my drum kit with my headphones on, it’s one of the tracks I like to play."

Amazing. Check it out below:

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