Skrillex explains why he’s ‘been gone’ from music: “I was working on myself”

Skrillex has opened up about the reasons behind him putting “everything on ice especially my projects/career”.

Skrillex explains why he’s ‘been gone’ from music: “I was working on myself”
Emily Carter
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Fresh from the release of his two 2023 singles Rumble and Way Back, Skrillex has taken to Twitter to open up about his absence from music.

Yesterday, January 15, Skrillex marked his 35th birthday by explaining to fans why he’s “been gone” and “put everything on ice, especially my projects/career”.

The musician – real name Sonny Moore – wrote that he “had the toughest year of my life” in 2022, finding himself “with no drive and purpose for the first time in my life”.

“My mother passed away a few years back 2nd day of [Lollapalooza] tour in SA. I never ever coped with it…” he wrote. “I drank the pain away and kept going.

“People ask why ‘I’ve been gone’ or ‘fell off’, rightfully so. Like I said, 22 was sort of my tipping point, I had to put everything on ice especially my projects/ career.

“The truth is I didn’t cancel sunset and movement festival because of my albums. It we because I was working on myself.”

Happily, he continues: “For the first time in 4-5 years I’ve found a new sense of peace. It took so much work and sacrifice to get here.

“There’s my bday tweet to you all.. Turing 35 for me was realizing the are certain fucks you should not give, you’ll be more free for that.

“Here’s to 35 laps around the sun and to the fucks I will no longer give.

“Lastly, the support you’ve all shown over the years does mean the world and I’ll continue to work on myself and not get into a situation where I have to cancel shows / go into hiding.”

At the start of 2023, Skrillex hinted that he’d be releasing a double-album this year, teasing the initials QFF/DGTC. Watch this space…

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