Slipknot Are Teasing A South American Knotfest For 2021

“Come to Brazil!” said the internet to Slipknot. "Okay" said Slipknot...

Slipknot Are Teasing A South American Knotfest For 2021
Nick Ruskell

Stupid COVID has done us out of Knotfest UK and Knotfest At Sea this year (does it get any more enticing than Slipknot on a cruise ship?), but we must always look to the future, rather than bathing in our defeats. Possible (definite) good news for Maggots in Brazil, Chile and Colombia, then: Slipknot have teased Knotfest shows for you…

Big. The ‘Knot have also recently hinted that stuff might be happening viz-a-viz a follow-up to last year’s We Are Not Your Kind album.

“We’re obviously thinking about what the next album could be like,” Corey Taylor told That Jamieson Show. “And [Clown]’s in this trippy place, dude, which is rad. I love it when he’s in this crazy mindset, because I know I’m gonna hear stuff that I’ve never heard before. He’s so goddamn creative, and that inspires Jim [Root, guitar]. And all the tumblers really start to fall. So it’s pretty rad. I can’t wait.”

Speaking to K! about the making of We Are Not Your Kind, Corey revealed how the band view the creative process, two decades in.

“We’re still a band that has always just written music for us. If we’re not impressed by it, we’re not putting crap out, you know? Even stuff in retrospect where we may take a listen to it later and go, ‘Ah, I don’t know if that was us.’ But at the time, we’re absolutely backing it, no matter what. So as long as we continue to write music for us first, and the audience second, that’s how you keep that excitement.”

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