Sophie Lloyd shares video for Lost, featuring her new signature guitar

Sophie Lloyd and Cole Rolland have teamed up for new single Lost – and the music video features a look at Sophie’s all-new Kiesel signature guitar…

Sophie Lloyd shares video for Lost, featuring her new signature guitar
Emily Carter

Sophie Lloyd has launched her brand-new Kiesel signature guitar via a new music video with Cole Rolland.

The guitar star’s new instrument – the Kiesel SL6 – is the first signature guitar from a female artist for Kiesel, following the Limited Artist Edition of her A6H Aries model in 2021.

“If you’d have told me when I was a kid I’d have my own signature guitar line coming out I’d never have believed you, let alone being the first female signature artist for Kiesel!” says Sophie. “Kiesel took me on when I barely had a thousand followers, it’s been amazing to grow with them and become part of the family. They are one of the most innovative and exciting brands out there and their A6 model has become such an extension of me and my playing that I could never imagine playing anything else.”

Going into the nerdy guitar details, Sophie continues: “My signature model combines all the best bits of my artist series such as the chambered black limba body and 24 fret 14” radius thin neck profile, but adds some incredible new features such as a walnut neck, sustainiac pickup option, and gives peoples the ability to customise the guitar to their own taste, choosing their own fretboard, top wood and colour, making each guitar truly unique.

“They are really unlike any guitar I’ve ever played and are sure to enhance and inspire players of every ability.”

You can also get a proper look at the Kiesel SL6 in the music video for Lost below.

Speaking specifically about the song and working with Cole, Sophie explains, “I knew I wanted at least one instrumental song on the album to pay homage to my first EP, Delusions. We’d had the basic idea of the song written for a while but I was struggling to turn it into anything I thought was cool enough – we were actually going to remove it from the album. However, I decided to send it to one of the most incredible guitarists I know and a great friend of mine, Cole Rolland. I’d worked with him once before on a Beethoven goes Metal symphony so I knew he’d be great, but he completely flipped this song around and gave it a whole new life, he really gave it a whole story without the need for any words and bought a great new energy to it. When we started adding layers and harmonies we really knew we had something special.”

“Working alongside Sophie Lloyd will always be an experience that pushes me past my creative limitations,” continues Cole. “The energy and enthusiasm that she brings to everything she’s involved in are both inspiring and refreshing. Lost is the climactic release of a long-awaited original collaboration between us that I'm so glad we took our time with.”

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