Tengger Cavalry Frontman Nature G Has Died

Nature Ganganbaigal, frontman of folk metallers Tengger Cavalry, has passed away.

Tengger Cavalry Frontman Nature G Has Died

Nature Ganganbaigal, better known to the world as Nature G, the multi-instrumentalist and driving force behind Mongolian folk metal act Tengger Cavalry, has died.

The frontman's death was confirmed by band members in a statement issued today:

“It is with deep sadness and shock that we must share the news that Nature has passed away. Nature’s greatest goal in life was the unite people of all backgrounds through community and through music. He was also an advocate for mental health, and encouraged everyone from friends to total strangers to persist through their struggles. Though we have lost a dear friend and a great artists, we know that his music will live on and continue to help us find our common ground and find our strength despite adversity. Please respect the privacy of Nature’s family during his painful time. May the Eternal Blue Sky find him at peace.”

Speaking to MetalSucks, guitarist Patrick Riley said, "We grew suspicious when he did not show up for a pre-show rehearsal last weekend. We also had a video shoot scheduled, so for him to miss that was a cause for suspicion."

Authorities have now confirmed that they found Nature's body on June 13. The cause of Nature's death has not yet been revealed.

Tengger Cavalry have always been one of folk metal's more original and interesting acts. Their focus on Chinese and Mongolian history, as well as that of the people of the Eurasian Steppes, brought an interesting new take to what is often considered a rote genre. The band's latest album, Northern Memory (Vol. 1), centered around the nomadic tribes such as the Hunnu and Khitan people who immigrated into Northern China and Mongolia, but whose legacy is often overwritten by the government.

That said, while Tengger Cavalry's music was a celebration of culture and history, Nature's journey was a troubled one. In an exclusive interview with Kerrang! earlier this year, the frontman discussed how he'd been suffering from mental health issues and feelings of betrayal within the industry. That, plus the constant pressures of trying to live and survive in New York City, led to a failed suicide attempt.

“I was on top of this building, thinking about doing it, when out of nowhere a bunch of police came,” said Nature. “They were there doing an inspection, and asked me what I was doing here. And I realized that deep down, I still wanted help. I wanted a way out. So I told them, and they called me an ambulance. I really appreciated their chief, this big guy, who told me his wife had been cheating on him after being married for twelve years. It was very sweet of him, trying to ease me out. They rescued me.”

However, Nature went on to say that this experience was liberating for him. “I think this traumatizing experience crippled me in a way, but also empowered me in a way… It crippled in terms of traumatizing memories — I’m still recovering form that. But it empowered me because it gave me more strength and more confidence. It’s kind of how an animal learns from fear, and becomes a better hunter.”

Everyone at Kerrang! send their hearts out to Nature's friends, family, bandmates and fans during this tragedy.

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