The big review: Nova Twins – Supernova

On their second album, English duo Nova Twins prove themselves as supercharged change-makers…

The big review: Nova Twins – Supernova
Zoya Raza-Sheikh

Nova Twins’ 2020 debut Who Are The Girls? was something of a noisy origin story. A cataclysmic fusion of punk swagger and attitude, Amy Love and Georgia South emerged as sonic-shifting future rock stars. Now, on their second record , they are no longer the fringe bad bitch baddies hoping to be heard – they’re ready to be worshipped.

There’s plenty of spirit in Supernova. Intro track Power is a punchy precursor to the record. Kitted out with gut-thumping drums and slick harmonies, it’s a beefed-up forewarning of what’s to come: ‘Welcome to the end / And your new beginning.’ It’s clear from the get-go that Nova Twins mean business. Frontrunner Antagonist is a polished maximalist rap-rock anthem, while Cleopatra crashes in oozing confidence and attitude. It’s a statement of due worth, and rightfully so. The Twins transform into boot-stomping monarchs soundtracked against glitchy punk electronica and guitars backed by a mantra of inclusivity: ‘Blacker than the leather, that’s holding our boots together,’ Amy raps, with razor-sharp flow. ‘If you rock a different shade, we come under the same umbrella.’

Elsewhere, Nova Twins have notably finessed their textured, joyously unkept sound, but it’s amongst the punkish mayhem they really thrive. Kicking off with an Eminem-style mischievous intro, K.M.B (Kill My Boyfriend) is a Disney-esque dark-rap fantasy that would easily please the Brothers Grimm. Splattered with pitched vocals and Jennifer’s Body-inspired storytelling it’s a quirky, playful song showcasing their range for more than a monster beat.

Latter tracks Enemy, Toolbox and Choose Your Fighter are ferociously tied together as the duo survey their prey and get ready to strike. A Dark Place For Something Beautiful digs deep into the talent of Amy and Georgia’s songwriting. Briefly, we see the duo armourless and letting their guard down as vulnerability washes. ‘Sink or swim there’s no peace of mind / Promise I’ll be stronger next time,’ Amy sings.

It’s the final puzzle piece that supports Supernova’s flow as a fully-fledged emotional portrait of the Twins. Closeout track Sleep Paralysis snuffs out the noise as we drift off into a menacing electronica lullaby. Straddling between daydreams and nightmares, they pull off a convincing otherworldly exit track.

Aptly titled, Supernova sees Nova Twins burning brighter than ever with their gloriously self-made sound. It’s no surprise that the English duo have supported fellow trailblazers Bring Me The Horizon and Little Simz during their reign as one of the UK’s most ingenious new rock bands. Supernova basks in its own raw originality and kicks any naysayers to the curb with its unforgettable impact.

Verdict: 4/5

For fans of: Bring Me The Horizon, Cassyette, Meet Me @ The Altar,

Supernova is released on June 17 via Marshall

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