The complete Matrix soundtrack to get deluxe vinyl reissue

The iconic original Matrix score is getting a killer new reissue across three LPs, with liner notes featuring a new Don Davis interview and more…

The complete Matrix soundtrack to get deluxe vinyl reissue
Emily Carter
The Matrix

Varèse Sarabande Records have announced a huge new Matrix reissue consisting of the entire, unforgettable original score on vinyl.

Composed by Don Davis, this new three-LP release – which will ship on June 3, 2022, no doubt also affected by the current vinyl shortage – will feature the entire soundtrack of 44 songs, as well as a new interview with Don in the liner notes conducted by Kaya Savas.

Of the legendary music contained within, a statement from Varèse Sarabande reads: "From the clashing-brass 'reflections', to the racing strings, pounding percussion and flittering, repeating musical 'cells', the Matrix score fits hand-in-glove with the film’s concept of a computer-controlled reality – and offers a unique musical thumbprint that is recognisable sometimes only from a single note or chord. It is the rare commercial triumph that is also an artistic landmark."

Watch a trailer for the release below:

And check out the full tracklist:

Side A:

Logos / The Matrix Main Title
Trinity Infinity
Neo Con Brio
Follow The White Rabbit
Neo On The Edge
Through The Surveillance Monitor
Unable To Speak
Bait And Switch

Side B:

Switched For Life
Switched At Birth
Switches Brew
Cold Hearted Switch
Nascent Nauseous Neo
A Morpheus Moment
Bow Whisk Orchestra

Side C:

Domo Showdown
Switch Or Break Show
Shake, Borrow, Switch
Switch Works Her Boa
Bring Me Dinner
The System
Freeze Face
Switch Woks Her Boar
Cypher Cybernetic
Ignorance Is Bliss / Cyber Cyphernetic
See Who?
Switch Out

Side D:

Boon Spoy
Oracle Cookies
Threat Mix
Exit Mr. Hat
On Your Knees, Switch

Side E:

Mix The Art
Whoa, Switch Broke
The Cure
It’s The Smell
The Lobby
No More Spoons
Dodge This
Fast Learning
Ontological Shock

Side F:

That’s Gonna Hurt
He’s The One Alright

In other Matrix news, new movie The Matrix Resurrections is due out on December 22.

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