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An Awesome Keith Flint Mural Has Appeared In Southend

The Prodigy’s Keith Flint has been immortalised in a mural in Southend

A mural celebrating the life of The Prodigy’s Keith Flint has popped up in Southend.

Keith Flint died earlier this month at the age of 49, leading to numerous tributes and fan-led campaigns marking the impact Keith had on the lives of rock and rave fans everywhere.

A mural has already been painted near Old Street in London but now another has appeared under a bridge in Southend-on-Sea, just an hour’s drive from Keith’s hometown of Braintree in Essex.

The Southend Business Improvement District commissioned local artist John Bulley to create the artwork, which shows Keith performing live.

“I thought it might be a nice tribute to a brilliant Essex frontman,” said Southend BID’s Alison Dewey, who commissioned the project. “I, like many people of my generation who experienced the rave scene of the late 80’s and 90’s, loved The Prodigy!”

“John’s painting is a wonderful way to remember Keith.”

The mural, titled Twisted Animator, has caught the attention of those living in Southend, posting pictures all over social media.

Posted on March 18th 2019, 3:53pm
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