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And Kerrang!’s Album Of The Year 2018 Goes To…

Take a bow, Turnstile.

In this week’s issue of Kerrang!, we count down the 50 records that soundtracked your lives, and ruled 2018.

If you’ve picked the mag up, then you’ll have seen who deservedly scooped our Albums Of The Year top spot: the one and only Turnstile, with their incredible second record Time & Space. To celebrate the news, we caught up with frontman Brendan Yates to get his reaction and thoughts on the album, 10 months on from its release.

Here’s a snippet of our chat below. Grab the magazine for the full interview.

Why do you think so many people have responded to Time & Space as they have?
“I’m not sure – I’m never great at talking about what we do from that third-person point of view. It just feels great to make something and have people receive it in any way, whether it makes them confused, excited, or whatever. As long as it evokes a strong response, that’s the important thing.”

When did you realise you had a special album on your hands?
“It’s a process that feels special at different points. Writing that first song feels special. Getting into the studio and hearing it the way you want it feels special. And then once the record comes out and you get to play the songs live, feeding off the energy of that live environment might be the most special moment of all. In that, our record release show was a truly special moment. It was a Thursday show, and we played at this old church. It felt like a moment where a lot of hard work was justified.”

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