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Black Metal Barbie Is The Toy Every Child Needs

Barbie has turned to the dark side and she wants your soul

You thought Barbie was all about bleach blonde hair and snogging Ken in their dream house? You thought wrong! She’s kvlt now!

In the advert below, made by Gwenmarie White, we’re introduced to Black Metal Barbie, complete with corpsepaint, spiked armbands and Bathory t-shirt.

Barbie’s outfit is just the tip of the bloodsplattered iceberg though, the real star of the commercial is the soundtrack. Try and tell us these aren’t the greatest lyrics ever put to an advert for a children’s toy:

“Black Metal Barbie, a Norwegian surprise, let’s go to the forest as the sunlight dies. Rev up the guitar, drums and bass, scream unholy orations and paint your face.”

But a catchy jingle isn’t the only thing Black Metal Barbie has to offer, there’s the Barbie Burning Dream Church and sacrificial sheep accessories, plus a gag about unresolved tri-tones for all you guitar nerds.

Check out the advert below.

Posted on April 25th 2019, 3:02pm
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