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Bloodstock add 19 more bands to 2021 festival line-up

Evil Scarecrow – one of 19 new names for Bloodstock Open Air 2021 – are promising the biggest, messiest, stupidest party yet…”

Bloodstock have announced a further 19 names for this year’s festival, coming to Catton Hall on August 1115. Sunday night on the Sophie stage will be headlined by Nottingham metallers Evil Scarecrow, who join a bill topped by Devin Townsend, Kreator and Judas Priest.

So, we haven’t played as a band for a year. Not even a practice,” the band say. We closed and abandoned our rehearsal room. Our van is gathering moss on a driveway. We have two new members who we have never played with. One of them was our main stagehand and we have not replaced that position. Basically, Evil Scarecrow are, in reality, unconscious in stasis, floating through the void of space until we clear the disease-ridden Van Allen radiation belt.

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Along came the good ship Bloodstock, who nudged us awake to see if we will come and play with them,” they continue. “‘No,’ we mumble, No band yet. More sleep.’ They return with a cup of tea and a bacon sandwich. It’s headlining the Sophie Stage,’ they whisper. Shit. So, we’ve sprung back into life! We are dusting off our props and may even have a band practice or two. So, if you want to see the most shambolic, unpracticed, unprepared Evil Scarecrow show ever, then join us! We can’t promise our usual super-polished ‑ahem- performance. But we promise to bring the biggest, messiest, stupidest party yet.”

Also in the announcement are Broken Jaw, Colpocleisis, Devilfire, Grey Stag, Hanowar, The Injester, South Of Salem, Son Of Boar, Wired, This Is Endless Fellowship, Sorceress Of Sin, Frozen In Shadows, Hybridize, Strangle Wire, Words That Burn, Deitus and Ghosts Of Atlantis. 

Check out the updated poster below:

Posted on May 4th 2021, 11:24a.m.
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