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Corey Taylor Says He Blew Out His Left Testicle While Singing

Slipknot’s Corey Taylor has done some serious damage to his private parts

Now this is something we never thought we be writing, but Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor has tweeted that he blew out” his left testicle while singing the high notes for 80s glam metallers Dokken.

Err… what?

Posting on Twitter last night, the Slipknot vocalist said: Working on my 87 Dokken high notes this morning. Fucked around and blew out the left testicle. Careful on re-entry, kids. #kissofdeath #pissinblood”

Of course, with this being Corey and social media, we’re not entirely sure if this is true. After a cursory Google search for injuring testicles while singing”, it doesn’t seem that this is a thing, and at no point in our high school biology class did someone say that vocal cords are physically attached to your dangly bits. 

But what do we know? The hashtag #pissinblood could be a genuine cry for help from The Great Big Mouth. We wish Corey and his goolies full recovery.

Slipknot’s European tour starts next weekend at Rockfest in Finland. They headline Download festival in the UK on June 14 – 16get your tickets now.

The band recently revealed to Kerrang! why they chose We Are Not Your Kind as the title of their sixth album.

Once Corey dropped the lyrics and we heard that line in All Out Life, it was like, Nothing will top this,’” said Shawn Clown’ Crahan. It pretty much engulfs what the whole thing is about, and it’s the best representation of everything that we need. Trying to find anything else would really be contrived, you know what I’m saying? It engulfs everything we are.”

We Are Not Your Kind is released on August 9 through Roadrunner Records. 

Posted on May 30th 2019, 11:38a.m.
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