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Corey Taylor Teases New Slipknot Mask on Instagram

The photo is vague… but a new look is definitely coming!

Slipknot have been very clear that they’ll be releasing a new album in 2019. They confirmed that they’re recording in January, and have already released a first single in the form of All Out Life. Now, Corey Taylor has revealed that he’ll be getting a new face to go with the new music.

Today on his Instagram, the vocalist posted an obscured black and white photo with the Soon… #thenewface #2019 #wanyk.” The latter hashtag, of course, stands for We are not your kind,’ a lyric from All Out Life. Could this lyric be the title of the upcoming album?

Check out the ambiguous post below:

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Soon... #thenewface #2019 #wanyk

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Slipknot fans are as confused as we are as to what we’re looking at, exactly. Is it an alien-like face? A piece of the mask? Or merely the box that holds it?

As one fan speculated in the comments, To me it looks like he took a picture of his trash can with a brick in it” – to which Corey replied, “#nailedit.”

One thing’s for sure: the new album will be intense. In our recent sit-down with the singer as part of our In Conversation With… series, he claimed that the record would be Iowa-levels heavy”. Check out the full interview below:

Posted on December 24th 2018, 1:30a.m.
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