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Diplo Has Produced A Track On Turnstile’s New Album

We really didn’t see that coming but we’re SUPER psyched about it.

Roadrunner’s latest brilliant hardcore signees, Turnstile, have announced through NPR that they’re gonna have a new record out on February 23. They dropped a track of the LP called Generator that you can hear right here:

Sometimes music journalism can be reduced to a competition to see who can come up with the most accurate descriptive equation for a song. Usually for a track like this we’d weigh in with our own jumbled sentence of adjectives and sub-genre references, but it’s hard to beat NPR’s assertion that this is “boom-bap-flange-turned-pop-punk bop complete with hand claps and over-the-top guitar shred.” Pretty much nailed it with that one imo.

But sweet jams and cool Twin-Peaks-meets-Jonestown-style videos aren’t all this album has to offer. Tucked away on the NPR piece is a casual mention of a certain super-fun mega-producer by the name of Diplo. You read that correctly: DIPLO. That’s right, the genius behind Major Lazer and producer of tracks for Gwen Stefani, M.I.A., Die Antwoord, Tinie Tempah and fucking Big Sean has turned his hand to producing Baltimore hardcore - he’s got a production credit on a track called Right To Be.

We’ve not heard the track, so we can’t really expand on that information for you, but we’ve a feeling all signs might be pointing to a record as game-changing for 2018 as Code Orange’s Forever was for 2017. 

Posted on December 15th 2017, 5:41pm
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