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Exclusive: Overdose (Mutilation Rites, ex-Speedwolf) Bring Street Metal To The Masses

Check out the new EP by Overdose, New York’s killer new street metal crew.

Just because Overdose are keeping old-school metal alive doesn’t mean they’re here to rehash the past. Sure, the New York street metal quartet — featuring current and former members of Mutilation Rites and Speedwolf — wear the influences of bands like Motörhead, Venom, Thin Lizzy, and Rose Tattoo on their studded-leather sleeves. At the same time, the bands toxic guitar tone and bestial snarls wouldn’t exist without the influences of thrash, sludge, and black metal These dudes are making the kind of music you hear in your head when you think of kickass metal, and they’re doing it right fucking now, in 2019.

Overdose’s new self-titled EP serves up this sound in two flavors, fast and loose to start, slow and sleazy to finish. The opening title track is a breakneck rock tune that’ll have you doing the White Man’s Overbite and ordering a beer even though you’re already holding one, while On The Run is a neon-lined piston of a song that will sound good blasted out of a slow-cruising car in a bad neighborhood. Both cuts will make old-school fans remember their reckless years and newbies feeling like grizzled lifers.

Here’s Overdose:

And here’s On The Run (gotta love the skeleton rattle that kicks this one off):

If this stuff gets you moving, be sure to check Overdose out at their debut live show in New York City at Union Pool on Saturday, May 18th, with Moral Panic, Substitute, and Night Talkers. Here’s the awesome flyer, complete with some big, weird-lookin’ nipples:

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Overdose’s self-titled debut EP is available for purchase now on Splattered Records, the label run by vocalist Reed Bruemmer. Splattered also reissues some of NWOBHM’s early forgotten gems, so record hunters and fans of classic metal should get their wallets out.

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Posted on April 26th 2019, 4:00pm
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