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Exclusive Stream: Moros’s New Record Is Miserable As Hell

Stream Weapon, the new record from Philadelphia sludge kings, Moros.

Fans of sludge metal know that the genre works as both the sound of misery and the cathartic salve on the wound of life’s everyday pains. Philly’s sludge crew Moros have captured this idea fully: They pride themselves on invoking this sound of feedback-laden misery — which is showcased on their new album Weapon, out Friday — drawing from real-life experiences and injecting them into hair-raising, grisly riffs, anguish-fueled vocals, and delightfully unsettling low-end.

Kerrang! is proud to exclusively premiere the whole album below, ahead of its release this Friday on Hidden Deity Records:

Guitarist/vocalist Jason Dost says, “I hope people can connect to the picture of misery and pain this record was meant to convey. It’s nothing new, we live in a fucked up world and some of us have been exposed to it more than others. Musically we wanted to draw on some newer influences we haven’t previously experimented with, which helped create a dismal and hopeless feeling.”

Bassist John Hauser agrees, “Creativity is mostly fueled by experience. The angst contained in Weapon is a story of sustaining trying experiences and backgrounds coming up through crumbling schools, dismantled communities and working-class poverty.”

Drummer Drew W.B adds, “Stoked to be able to release the record that we did. I feel like we were able to blend the different miserable influences we had to come out with a sound that we could be proud of.”

Moros Weapons Album Art

Preorder Weapon via right here.


Posted on March 27th 2019, 4:00pm
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