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Exclusive: Un Premieres New Doom Metal Album, Sentiment

Listen to the Seattle band’s new funeral doom epic in its entirety, right here.

Above all, Seattle doom masters Un are honest. While so many metal acts try their damnedest to prove themselves on the battlefields of Faster, Tougher, and Louder, the four dudes in Un – lead by Samothrace bassist Monte Mccleery – fill their music with mid-paced yearning and thousand-ton sorrow, echoing beneath a blanket of reverb and set to the plodding rhythm of a hangman’s march. The resulting music sounds like a human heart turning to ash and blowing away in a cold breeze.

Which is why Un can get away with naming their new album Sentiment. For certain bands, a record with such a simple, emotional title might smack of a Hallmark card. But for a band whose music is so deeply soaked in the muddy waters of human empathy, the title feels brutally honest. Yes, Sentiment is crushing, driving, and ambitiously psychedelic, but all that is grounded in the sprawling feelings it’s sure to make any living, breathing listener feel – and that’s more jarring and dangerous than any devil or dungeon imaginable.

Un Sentiment Cover

Of the album, Monte says: “An accumulation of moments, experiences, and emotions, Sentiment serves as a token of our gratitude for all who struggle against the weight of their own existence. For us, the preparation of this album was an exercise in introspection, realization, and ultimate renewal of self.”

Kerrang! is excited to stream Sentiment in its entirety before its official release on Friday, September 28, via Translation Loss Records. Listen below and drown in the swamp of your own heart.

If hearing the recorded album isn’t enough for you, Un are embarking on a fall tour this November, with support from Denver’s Oryx and Atlanta’s Withered. Be sure to catch them at one of the shows listed on the tour flyer below:

Un Tour Flyer 2

Un’s Sentiment is available for pre-order here. Meanwhile, keep up with the band on their Facebook and Bandcamp pages.

Words: Chris Krovatin
Promo photo: Alvino Salcedo
Artwork: Cauê Piloto

Posted on September 26th 2018, 3:00pm
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