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Hayley Williams Reveals Her Top 5 Paramore Songs

Paramore’s Hayley Williams picks her favourite tracks from her band’s incredible career

It’s a question that has plagued Paramore fans for well over a decade – what is the best Paramore song of all time?

We’ve had similar debates in the office, but now, vocalist Hayley Williams has shared her thoughts on the best music her band have released.

When asked by Twitter user @hiimynameisash to share her Top 5 Paramore songs, Hayley dutifully responded, declaring her love for latest album After Laughter in the process as four of the five tracks were taken from their 2017 effort.

Her top five Paramore songs are as follows:

1. Told You So
2. Hard Times
3. Pool
4. Rose-Colored Boy
5. I Caught Myself (live)

While also giving honourable mentions to Hate To See Your Heart Break and Tell Me How, although she says she can’t listen to it.

Of course, with such heavy attention paid to After Laughter, Hayley was asked by @chris_jackson95 to share her Top 5 without any songs from the record.

Which are as follows:

1. Future (live)
2. Crazy Girls
3. Fast In My Car
4. Last Hope
5. Ain’t It Fun

Adding, “Basically, the last 2 paramore albums are our best. nooo contest.”

But that’s not all! When Twitter user @poeghoul (jokingly) accused Hayley of insulting their 2009 album Brand New Eyes, Hayley responded in kind, naming anything except their track The Only Exception. Ouch.

We’re yet to fully decide on our favourite Paramore songs (it’s just too damn difficult), but we have ranked the 10 best Paramore videos of all time.

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Posted on June 29th 2020, 12:38pm
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