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Hayley Williams Wants To Make Another Paramore Record

Hayley also says there’s going to be another Parahoy cruise as well!

Like the rest of us, right now Hayley Williams should have been doing something else. With her debut solo album Petals For Armor due out on May 8, she should have been out on the road touring, an opportunity to get back to more intimate venues than she might not normally see in Paramore. With road plans on hold, however, Hayley has been reflecting on what she’s missing, in a new interview. But then, casually, she dropped an excitement nugget…

I’m grieving the possibility of not being able to do that type of tour and maybe having to plan something else but yeah,” she told Colorado’s RXP 103.9. Eventually, [I want to] play these songs live, hopefully make more music and make another Paramore record and just go to dinner with my friends as much as possible when this is over.”

Big. Old. News. There. 

On the subject of having to rethink her current plans, Hayley said, I really want to play these songs live, man. I was so excited to go out this spring, summer and play smaller venues because it’s been a long time since Paramore has done clubs or theatre-sized rooms. We always try to start every album cycle a little smaller so we can feel it’s a little more intimate, we can warm up into the ampitheatres and whatnot, but this was going to be a major underplay for me. I was so excited because it’s just so intimate and sweaty and uncomfortable in all of the best ways. Now we can’t even be six feet close to one another. I’m mourning that a little bit.”

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But Hayley is also looking to the future, and once we’re out of the current woods in which we find ourselves, she wants to head back out to see with a fourth round of the Parahoy cruise.

We haven’t logistically planned it out, you know, gotten the dates or any of that, but, I mean it’s just part of what we do now,” she revealed. So when it’s time for Paramore to be back on, that’ll undoubtedly be something that’s in the plans too. That is such a special time with us and people that have supported the band for the longest. It’s just like, I feel like we come back from those trips floating.”

Lovely pun at the end there. Watch the whole interview below…

Posted on April 16th 2020, 10:42a.m.
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