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Listen To Code Orange’s New Theme For WWE Wrestler Bray Wyatt’s The Fiend

Code Orange have performed the entrance theme music for WWE wrestler Bray Wyatt’s new persona, The Fiend.

While it’s been relatively quiet in the Code Orange camp of late after the band were forced to cancel their European tour (including a date at this weekend’s Bloodstock in the UK), the Pittsburgh trailblazers have returned with a bang.

Performing the entrance theme for WWE wrestler Bray Wyatt’s new persona The Fiend, the evil cover of Bray’s original theme song was unveiled at last night’s SummerSlam PPV (on August 11) where The Fiend made his debut against Finn Bálor.

Of course, Code Orange have previously been involved with WWE before, playing Aleister Black’s entrance theme in 2017 at an NXT Takeover event. This, however, is new levels of badass…

What a dream combo, eh?

Speaking to Kerrang! last year, Code Orange’s Jami Morgan reflected on the concept of bands being able to have the freedom drop individual songs and releases out of nowhere.

The reason we can’t drop albums out of nowhere is that the metal world is nowhere near there yet,” he said. “The level of attention that comes with an album is completely different. I want to be a part of building it slowly. I think other types of music like rap have become almost solely about releasing music in that way. They’ve become the mainstream. And it’s a cool way to tie in with a younger audience that might not even be there yet for metal and bands like ours. It’s equal parts about that as about the artistic vision. I think we can be excited about making and releasing singles in this way while still focusing on the linear path that the LPs are on. I want it to be all about quality. I think that can be where genres like rap go wrong: they put out a lot of crap just to pump it out because they can make money. Because we can’t really make money on this, I don’t really want to just pump it out. It needs to suit the artistic purpose. I want it to be great.”

Posted on August 12th 2019, 11:20am
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