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Shady Nasty Prove It’s Not Just A Clever Band Name In Unsettling New Video

The latest offering from Australian noise-core crew Shady Nasty will leave a deliciously bad taste in your mouth.

If Shady Nasty were a mood, it would be violently swinging and worrisome to those around it. The Australian trio’s sound can turn on a dime between ethereally pretty and menacingly dark, with equal parts jangling alt.rock, solemn noise-rock, and even moments of scowling extreme metal. Through it all, there is a sense that even in the quieter moments, bad things are afoot, even if they’re operating under a snot-nosed ethos of mischief and misrule.

Shady Nasty Jonno Revanche 2020

AA, the video for the new track from their upcoming EP Bad Posture, is a mind-bending spew of this attitude. While some of the band’s other songs are languid and dreamy, this one goes straight for the terror centers of the brain, and the footage used to represent it feels like a perfect match.The video takes place in what appears to be a malfunctioning open-world video game — or maybe it’s a damaged, driven human mind. The tension builds as the video’s protagonist collects blunt-force objects and potentially-dangerous tools, cuts locks, and crushes energy drinks (sometimes literally). And while the gore-soaked ending one might expect never manifests, it’s on the viewer’s minds the entire time, and makes one wonder if the cans and locks being destroyed by the band aren’t stand-ins for something more corporeal.

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Check out our exclusive premiere of Shady Nasty’s AA here:

Shady Nasty’s Bad Posture EP comes out February 21 via Royal Mountain Music and Inertia Records, and is available for pre-order.

Check out the cover art below, which feels like a terrifying extension of AA’s paranoia and weirdness:

Shady Nasty Bad Posture 2020

Get the willies at one of the band’s upcoming live appearances:


13 — New Colossus Festival — Pianos (3:45PM) — New York, NY
13 — New Colossus Festival — The Delancey (8:15PM) — New York, NY
16t — SXSW — Austin, TX

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Posted on January 28th 2020, 4:00p.m.
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