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Slayer Call Out Scammers Offering Tickets To Fake 2020 Reunion Show

Slayer are warning fans against scammers trying to sell tickets to a reunion set that ain’t happening.

While last year saw many huge bands reuniting or returning to the stage, it also saw one of metal’s greatest acts leaving the spotlight. Thrash metal titans Slayer ended their massive Final Tour last year, closing out their touring career with a massive nice at The Forum in Los Angeles. But now, someone is selling tickets to a festival in Sweden that they’re claiming will feature Slayer’s return to the stage — and the band are calling them out.

Slayer recently tweeted, “There are tickets being offered on Viagogo for a Slayer performance at Sweden Rocks June 2020. Buyer beware this is a resale site with inaccurate information SLAYER WILL NOT PERFORMING.”

Not cool.

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The tickets for Sweden Rock 2020 are still available on Viagogo, and while they don’t explicitly say ‘Slayer’ on the listing, they do show up if you search the word ‘Slayer’ on the site. So, for anyone out there praying that Slayer were taking only a brief hiatus, be warned: you’re being scammed.

We don’t blame metalheads for hoping against hope that Slayer would return. The Slayer live experience is not to be missed — was not to be missed (we’re not crying, shut up) — and the final shows at the Forum included a massive setlist of classics.

Here’s what Slayer played at their last show ever:

  1. South of Heaven
  2. Repentless
  3. Postmortem
  4. World Painted Blood
  5. Hate Worldwide
  6. War Ensemble
  7. Stain of Mind
  8. Disciple
  9. When the Stillness Comes(Clean intro was skipped)
  10. Born of Fire
  11. Payback
  12. Seasons in the Abyss
  13. Jesus Saves
  14. Chemical Warfare
  15. Hell Awaits
  16. Dead Skin Mask
  17. Show No Mercy
  18. Raining Blood
  19. Mandatory Suicide
  20. Angel of Death

One fan even caught the band’s closing performance of Angel Of Death, as well as their heartfelt goodbye to the crowd. Watch the footage below:

Posted on January 23rd 2020, 7:48pm
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