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Streaming Services Will Limit Users To One Album Per Day To Save Bandwidth

Think before you play. Streaming services are now limiting the amount of music you can listen to

Music streaming platforms will be limiting the amount of music you can listen to in a 24-hour period to just one album. Such intense measures are due to take effect at midnight tonight in a bid to save on bandwidth, following the sudden increase in demand with the planet in self-isolation.

Such extreme action from music streaming services follows on from recent significant steps made by YouTube and Netflix, reducing the quality of video to counteract the dramatic surge in online activity.

Users of Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer and more will need to submit their requested album in writing ahead of time. Streaming services will be sending details of these radical measures to customers throughout the day.

Professor April Fühl from the Global Institution of Media Platforms said: “This is the one thing that we didn’t want to happen.

“Since the planet has been in effective lockdown, we have seen unprecedented usage of music streaming across the world. Every single artist – with the exception of Trapt – has had a spike in popularity since mid-March, and we simply cannot keep listening to music at this level.”

She continued: “As such, in a joint venture between all major streaming services, we will be limiting users to one album per day. You will need to submit your choice of music at least 12 hours ahead of time so we can allocate resources securely.”

Emails about the restrictions started circulating from TIDAL last week, but nobody seemed to notice.

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Posted on April 1st 2020, 8:00am
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