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We Like Tattooist Ross Hell’s Clothing Line A Lot

The man behind our favourite Black Sabbath tattoo made some clothes.

You might remember Ross Hell from our Instagram (yeah, we know, there’s a lot of memes up there these days), as the man behind the greatest Black Sabbath tattoo of all time. In case you’re not following us (if not, why not!?) and you missed it, check out this hot slice of total genius:

Isn’t it glorious!? We believe it’s on fellow tattoo artist Steve Donahue, who you should also check out. 

If you like Ross’s tattoos, you’ll probably like the clothes he makes too. We’re big fans - although we’re kind of grossed out by Mickey Mouse’s dick. Check out some pictures we borrowed from his look book in the gallery below:

He’s selling all this cool stuff over at Ross Hell Apparel, go get involved!

Posted on August 22nd 2017, 12:30pm
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