The Wonder Years As Limp Bizkit
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The Wonder Years Have Been Performing As Limp Bizkit On Tour

Watch The Wonder Years jam out Nookie, Break Stuff and Faith while dressed as Limp Bizkit

Halloween is almost here, which gives us even more of an excuse to come to work dressed as our favourite nu-metal band (we’re typing this while painted like Mushroomhead). But we’re not the only ones, Pennsylvania pop-punks The Wonder Years have embraced their inner Jacksonville and reinvented themselves as the bombastic Chocolate Starfish lovers Limp Bizkit on their recent tour.

Splitting their shows into two sets, The Wonder Years haven’t just been dressing like Bizkit, but playing a handful of their songs too! Check out the footage of Nookie, Break Stuff and Faith below.

Embodying the Fred Durst in Puffa jacket and red Yankees cap, frontman Soupy jokes that “I never thought that I would have the opportunities to do things like play New Year’s Eve 98/99 for MTV.”

He goes on to praise modern technology and cloning for giving this new incarnation of Bizkit not just one, but three Wes Borlands – all dressed as slightly different eras.

Check out the clips from The Wonder Years’ shows at the Metro in Chicago and Newport Music Hall in Columbus.

The Wonder Years released latest album Sister Cities in 2018 and will be playing Slam Dunk festival in Leeds and Hatfield in 2020.

Posted on October 22nd 2019, 1:33pm
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