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Tool Reveal How They Made Fear Inoculum In New Episode Of Our Podcast, Inside Track

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If one album has come to define rock’s place in the world in 2019, it would be Tool’s highly-anticipated Fear Inoculum. After waiting 13 years to get it right, the band released the album to critical and commercial acclaim. Fear Inoculum quickly unseated Taylor Swift at the #1 spot on the Billboard 2000 chart, making a definitive statement about rock and metal music today.

To be a fly on the wall of that album’s production would have been a mind-blowing experience. Fortunately, we have the next best thing: the latest episode of our new podcast Inside Track.

In the second episode of the series — in which rock’s biggest names tell the surprising true stories behind epic moments in music history — members of Tool and Fear Inoculum producer Joe Barresi speak about how they wrote and recorded the record, and what it’s like being the most pressured and mysterious rock band in the world right now.

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Every two weeks, Inside Track gives you rock’s biggest names telling the mind-blowing stories behind the greatest albums and bands of all time in a new episode. Spanning from heavy metal to pop-punk, the podcast will reveal what really happened while some of history’s most important musical movements and game-changing records were coming into the world. Not only will we feature first-hand accounts by rock’s most talented musicians, but we’ll also let the producers, festival organizers, friends, and other figures behind the scenes give you the inside scoop you’ve never heard before.

Just check out our previous episode, in which Korn talk about the making of their classic debut album on the 25th anniversary of its release:

To hear the new episode and uncover the true story behind the creation of 2019’s biggest rock album, SUBSCRIBE TO INSIDE TRACK NOW wherever you get your podcasts.

Posted on October 25th 2019, 2:00pm
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