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The News Tool Are Releasing A New Physical Version Of Fear Inoculum

Physical copies of Fear Inoculum were sold out… until now.

The News Tool Announce 2020 U.S. Tour Dates

Tool have expanded their U.S. tour into 2020.

The News Listen To Maynard James Keenan's Pre-Tool Band, TexA.N.S., In Newly-Unearthed Recordings

Mike Meengs, keyboard player of TexA.N.S., has posted some early recordings of Maynard’s first band.

The News Tool's Danny Carey Understands What It Feels Like To Be A Rabid Tool Fan

In the latest episode of our new podcast, Tool’s drummer explains why he can relate to his fanbase’s insane dedication.

The News Tool Nearly Burned Down Their Studio While Recording Fear Inoculum

In the latest episode of our podcast, Inside Track, producer Joe Barresi recounts how Danny Carey brought the wrong kind of heat to the mix…

The News Tool Reveal How They Made Fear Inoculum In New Episode Of Our Podcast, Inside Track

Subscribe to our podcast and hear the story of Tool’s Fear Inoculum from the people who made it.

The News Tomorrow: The Making of Tool's Fear Inoculum Revealed On Our New Podcast

On the latest episode of our podcast Inside Track, Tool tell us how they produced the most anticipated album of 2019.

The News Tool Fan Asks Eddie Van Halen To Take His Picture – Without Realising It's Eddie Van Halen

Rather than asking for a selfie, this fan wanted Eddie Van Halen to take his photo for him at Tool’s recent LA show. Oops.

Features 12 Bands Who Succeeded By Never Selling Out

Here are 12 bands who’ve conquered the world be refusing to sacrifice what they believe in.

The News Here's The Weather For Aftershock Festival 2019

Catching Slipknot, blink-182, and more in Sacramento this weekend? Here’s what the forecast looks like.

Features The 50 Best Album Openers In Metal

Here’s a definitive list of the 50 best first tracks in heavy metal history…

The News Even The Interludes From Tool's Fear Inoculum Are In The Top 25 Of Billboard's Rock Chart

Every song from Tool’s new album is on Billboard’s Top Rock Songs chart — including the interlude tracks.