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Watch this bride play an incredible drum solo at her wedding

Professional drum teacher Sharon-Rose – who had her dress specifically altered so she could play” – performed an extraordinary solo on her wedding day.

Weddings can be extremely stressful for the couples involved, but Sharon-Rose Ransom seemingly found a pretty great way to blow off some steam on her special day: by performing an amazing, high-energy drum solo for her guests.

According to NowThis News, Sharon-Rose had her dress specifically altered” in order to make the performance work, with the professional drum teacher explaining of the awesome choice to include this solo in the wedding proceedings that “ music has always been a huge part’ of her relationship with her now-husband Eric”.

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It actually appears as though the couple’s big day was back in 2019, but Sharon-Rose’s solo has had the internet suitably impressed after a video was uploaded last week. I feel badass and inspired just watching her,” reads the top comment written by Melissa Green on YouTube. Something about her, so beautiful in her wedding dress, absolutely owning that set is just perfect. Congratulations! I wish you a long and happy marriage!!!” We couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

Watch Sharon-Rose rocking out below:

Posted on June 3rd 2021, 3:29p.m.
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