These Are The Kinds Of Instagram DMs Female Punk Musicians Receive From Strangers

Punk rockers The Bombpops reveal the worst IG messages they've received from random folks online.

These Are The Kinds Of Instagram DMs Female Punk Musicians Receive From Strangers

Social media DMs from random strangers are a tragic but infamously common thing that both women and bands have to deal with. For female members of bands, though, the peril is doubled and can be especially toxic, with randos doing everything from hitting on them to insulting their talent due to their gender. Now, Fat Wreck Chords act The Bombpops have decided to make some of these DMs public by reading them aloud on a video they've posed to Instagram.

As you'll see below, the video include Bombpops frontwomen Poli Van Dam and Jen Razavi reading aloud the messages sent to them on Instagram, complete with the handles of the dudes sending them (because let's be real here, these are from dudes). The messages range from disgusting and typical sexual commentary to some especially creepy white knight-style date requests ("Maybe a cute walk by a beach? Ice cream cone?" inquires one modern-day Romeo). Overall, it's a reminder of what female rockers go through on the reg, and a warning that you should never, ever send messages like these unless they're to your love interest or significant other (and maybe not even then).

Watch below and cringe deeply:

The Internet is the worst place on earth. Hopefully this is the start of a long series from the band, so follow The Bombpops on Instagram and keep your eyes peeled.

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Of course, people being monumental dickheads online isn't solely the burden of women in music. Jimmy Kimmel recently had a number of famous rock stars on his infamous Mean Tweets segment, with Alice Cooper, Green Day, and Perry Farrell all taking it on the chin from commentators on Twitter.

Perhaps the funniest of these came when Green Day drummer Tré Cool was told that he looks like the “emo version of Ted Cruz". Rather than act offended, frontman Billie Joe Armstrong took a moment to point out that bassist Mike Dirnt looks like Russian president Vladimir Putin. Of course, now all we can do is wonder which politician BJA looks the most like.

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