This Awesome Mum Built A Slipknot-Themed Bathroom

Ever thought about what it would be like to go to the loo in a Slipknot shrine? Well, this dedicated Maggot mum has made it a reality…

This Awesome Mum Built A Slipknot-Themed Bathroom

While Slipknot's aesthetics have influenced countless bands over the years, as well as providing inspiration for fans to dress up in masks and boilersuits to show their love for the Iowa titans, we honestly never expected to see Corey Taylor and co.'s iconic artistry cross over into… er, home furnishings.

But that's exactly what's happened for one awesome Maggot mum, with TikTok user @yunghussy showing off their parent's absolutely badass floor-to-ceiling ’Knot-themed bathroom.

"My mom's favorite band is Slipknot, so she built a Slipknot bathroom," they write in the caption of the video, which is soundtracked by Psychosocial, and shows off everything this spooky lavatory has to offer.

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From a floor that is tiled with the band members' faces, to a huge Slipknot shower curtain that greets you upon entry, a toilet with the band's logo on it, and a sink that sits on what looks like one of Clown's kegs, clearly every single detail here has been thoroughly thought out.

And while the many creepy red hands sticking out the walls mean this might not be the most relaxing place you could ever do a number two, there is a stereo available to play music which might provide a nice distraction – may we recommend putting on .5: The Gray Chapter single Killpoop? (Ew, sorry…)

Anyway, check out this very impressive effort below:

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