Travis Barker has released his own enema kit with Liquid Death

Yes, the blink-182 drummer has teamed up with Liquid Death for a wellness product. Shove it, Gwyneth Paltrow...

Travis Barker has released his own enema kit with Liquid Death
Kerrang! Staff

Travis Barker is a very clean-living man. Doesn't drink, doesn't smoke, doesn't take drugs, owns an awesome vegan fine-dining restaurant. And being a very rich, showbiz, California kind of guy, the blink-182 drummer probably has the sort of health and wellness routines that'll just make you feel sad about your own efforts.

And so we come to enemas, the bum procedure of a thousand uses, one being the way very rich people like to go to the toilet. Travis has teamed up with water-bros Liquid Death for a special collab, dubbed Enema Of The State, to help you put their product into your body the other way round than you normally would.

“What’s my secret? How did I marry the woman of my dreams? How have I had such a successful career in music? I use Liquid Death mountain water," explains a naked-but-for-pixels-over-his-chap Travis in the ad. "...In my asshole.”

"Travis Barker played drums on the hit album Enema Of The State," begin Liquid Death of the partnership. "Does that make him an expert on enemas? No. And neither are we. But together, we are launching a revolutionary new enema kit that might turn all of your dreams into reality."

The kits are on sale in America, going for an apt $182, and come with a can of Liquid Death signed by Travis, and an enema bulb. Somewhat disappointingly, the website is saying this is all just for laughs and that you shouldn't actually try squirting mineral water up your Harris. (Presumably because the thought of someone doing it wrong and setting a lawyer on them makes them, ahem, shit themselves).

“Enema Of The State [is] a limited edition collectible adult art piece and not intended for use as a real medical device," reads the warning. "Enema Of The State should never be placed in or near your butthole without consulting a doctor first. Also, you should not place it in or near your friend’s butthole without consulting them or their doctor first.”

Blink-182 headlined Coachella this weekend, in place of out-pulling planned headliner Frank Ocean. They're coming to the UK in September and October.

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