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Exclusive Premiere: Check Out Self-Evident’s New Video, The Cutter

The Minneapolis experimental rockers’ latest offering sees them doing a video shoot for less-than-human observers.

Self-Evident can’t be easily categorized. Sure, the Minneapolis trio’s music includes aspects of punk, indie rock, and post-rock, but the sum of their parts is something more interesting and uncommon. While the band’s career spans two decades, it’s this combination of influences that has gotten them noticed of late, and has made their upcoming new album, Lost Inside The Machinery, one of 2019’s first much-anticipated releases.

But while most fans wouldn’t try to jar and label Self-Evident, inauspicious forces from outside our world might, which is the theme for Self-Evident’s latest video for their track The Cutter. In it, the band wakes up ready to shoot their new human music video alongside a cameraman who is definitely a fellow human…but something about it feels very wrong. The more the band play, the more they realize their music isn’t the only thing here that’s experimental.

Check out The Cutter below:

If you’re feeling it, check out the eerie-ass cover for Self-Evident’s upcoming new album:

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Self-Evident’s new album Lost Inside The Machinery drops January 18th, 2019, via doubleplusgood. Order it here.

Posted on December 5th 2018, 3:00pm
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