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Exclusive Premiere: Sludge Metal Legends Deadbird Release First-Ever Video, Heyday

Go on a dreamy trip with the Arkansas bands’ psychedelic music video debut.

For fans of doom and sludge, Fayetteville’s Deadbird need no introduction. Their looming, woodsy brand of psychedelic metal has made them one of extreme metal’s most respected bands, and has made them a pillar of Arkansas’ music scene for decades. That said, the band have always remained deeply entrenched in the underground, taking their time to write the uncompromising values they hold dear (their latest record, III: The Forest Within The Tree, is their first in ten years).

Now, Deadbird has entered new territory by releasing their first-ever music video for their new track Heyday. Directed by Dave Brenner and featuring live footage shot by Frank Huang and Deadbird guitarist/vocalist Alan Short, the video is a strange, beautiful mixture of live performances and nature shots, all observed through a seasick, syrup-soaked psychedelic lens.

Describing the video, Alan says, “I feel like the video is the perfect balance of elements for Deadbird; immersion in loud electric rock and roll and the contemplation of and within the natural world inform both our songwriting and our lives. Participating in music (both transmitting and receiving) is a powerful way to shed the static of the human world. Listening to a river’s water speak as it moves over rocks can remove the shadow from one’s heart. Putting these elements together shows not just who we are, but how we are.”

Check out the video for Heyday below:


Deadbird’s III: The Forest Within The Tree is out now on 20 Buck Spin. Purchase it here.

Posted on December 4th 2018, 6:00pm
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