Vote For Your Favourite Iron Maiden Album

We want to know what your favourite Iron Maiden album is so we can officially crown one record to rule them all.

Vote For Your Favourite Iron Maiden Album

Which Iron Maiden album is the best? It's a question that has plagued heavy metal fans since the release of their second album, Killers, in 1981, and we want to put the argument to bed right now.

In total, Iron Maiden have released sixteen studio albums across their 45-year career – plus a bunch of live albums and compilations. From faster, punkier beginnings to progressive, conceptual masterpieces to epic double-disc Mayan odysseys, Maiden have tried it all.

But not every album appeals to ever generation of Maiden fan – maybe you're a Paul Di'Anno obsessive, maybe you only want time-travelling undead entities, maybe you only want songs about war... or maybe you've only listened to Powerslave and thought that it was never going to be topped.

Whatever your opinion, we want to hear from YOU so we can finally decide which Iron Maiden album is #1. Have your say in the poll below. You can only vote for one record, so make it count.

The winner will be announced in the coming days.

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