Watch Gerard Way talk at a virtual mental health panel, Unwound & Unplugged

Gerard Way discusses coping in the pandemic, switching off from social media and more during Unwound & Unplugged, a mental health benefit concert and panel.

Watch Gerard Way talk at a virtual mental health panel, Unwound & Unplugged
Emily Carter

Gerard Way recently joined a panel featuring Julien Baker, DeathByRomy and Dr. Mike Friedman for an open discussion about mental health.

The virtual event – entitled Unwound & Unplugged – was put on "to promote a community of support around experiences related to mental health, isolation and the healing power of creativity and connection", and saw the My Chemical Romance frontman reflect on dealing with fame, his experiences with therapy, switching off from technology and social media, and more.

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Gerard also spoke of how he's been dealing with things and coping during the pandemic, explaining, "I think I probably feel like a lot of people, going through a lot of emotions. We were obviously right about to leave for tour when the pandemic really hit, so obviously – much like everybody else – our lives kind of completely changed. And so there's kind of an adjustment period. At first there's the unknown and you're like, 'Well, what's happening?' and, 'Can we stop it?' or, 'Can we get rid of the virus? Can we isolate it?' All this stuff. There was a period of not knowing what was going on.

"There's been some hard days, for sure," he continues. "I think for my family and I, all of us, there's some days where it just hits you what's happening and you're like, 'Oh my god, I can't believe we're in this situation…'"

Watch the full panel below:

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