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The News My Chemical Romance Frontman Gerard Way Releases Four Solo Songs

Listen to four previously-unreleased solo songs from My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way.

The News Netflix Teases The Umbrella Academy Season 2 With Trippy Character Posters

According to Netflix’s recent tweets, The Umbrella Academy will get lost in time in Season 2.

The News Here's My Chemical Romance Frontman Gerard Way's Favourite Music Of 2019

Gerard Way has shared a mammoth playlist of all the music he’s loved this year.

Features 12 Artists You Have To Respect, Even If You Don't Like Them

Here are 12 rock musicians who deserve your respect, whether or not you think their music is great.

The News My Chemical Romance Are Teasing Something

What are My Chemical Romance up to?

The News Gerard Way Talks About The "Safety" Of Writing In Character For The Black Parade

Gerard Way has discussed what it was like writing in character for The Black Parade.

The News Gerard Way Will Be Scoring Clerks 3, According To Kevin Smith

As well as working on the next volume of The Umbrella Academy, Gerard Way is set to score the new Clerks 3 movie.

The News This Cover Of MCR's Welcome To The Black Parade Gave Gerard Way "Chills"

Check out this Gerard Way-approved cover of My Chemical Romance’s Welcome To The Black Parade.

The News Gerard Way Has Started Work On Volume 4 Of The Umbrella Academy

As The Umbrella Academy Volume 3: Hotel Oblivion finally arrives, Gerard has revealed that it “hopefully won’t be too long before a new issue hits the stands”.

The News The Umbrella Academy Nominated For Two Emmys

Gerard Way’s The Umbrella Academy is up for two Emmy Awards.

The News Mikey Way Reveals Details About Upcoming Comic, Collapser

Black holes, DJs, intergalactic arms races, and more will be featured in Mikey Way’s new comic.

The News There's Going To Be A New Card Game Based On The Umbrella Academy

A new card game based on The Umbrella Academy has been announced!