Watch Neck Deep Bring Back Their Slipknot Tribute, Slipneck

Neck Deep went all Slipknot on their Halloween livestream...

Watch Neck Deep Bring Back Their Slipknot Tribute, Slipneck
Nick Ruskell

Neck Deep busted out a classic move for their Halloween livestream, when they exhumed their Slipknot alter-egos, Slipneck. The Wrexham pop-punk champs dusted off the masks and boiler suits to interrupt their own internet-based gig, storming through The ‘Knot’s Wait And Bleed, Duality and Left Behind, then returned to civvies and carried on with their own shizz.

This isn’t the first bit of horsing around Neck Deep have been involved in during [waves hand] all this. Back in August, they covered Harvey Danger’s Flagpole Sitta – aka the Peep Show theme, aka the song from the montage bit in American Pie if you’re that bit older – for Amazon music. And, almost as importantly, they released their new album, All Distortions Are Intentional, an excellent album that saw the band rethinking their approach.

“Pop-punk’s where we came from, and the reason we’re doing what we’re doing now,” guitarist Matt West told us. “We started out writing pop-punk songs because that’s what we were listening to at the time. Naturally, over the years, we’ve grown and tastes have changed. On [The Peace And The Panic], we had songs like Parachute and In Bloom that wouldn’t sound particularly out of place on the record we’re making now. We enjoyed writing and playing those songs so much that the natural evolution was to do [last year’s non-album single] She’s A God, and that took us to where we are now. I don’t think there’s any conscious effort to step away from where we were, it’s just a natural thing that’s happened.”

“For me, the highest form of praise for this record would be people thinking it’s been made by real artists rather than some everyday lads in a band,” adds singer Ben Barlow. “We are more than loveable idiots – there’s a deeper level to what we do. We’ve evolved into creative people with taste and a vision, who have carved out our own pocket within the music world. I want people to think Neck Deep don’t sound like anyone else – that they sound like Neck Deep.”

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