Watch This Guy Play Metallica's Master Of Puppets Solo Backwards

YouTuber Bradley Hall nails the Master Of Puppets solo in reverse

Watch This Guy Play Metallica's Master Of Puppets Solo Backwards

If there's one thing we know about Metallica, it's that they know their way around a solo. How long did you spend trying to learn Kirk Hammett's noodling to One or Fade To Black? Too long! That's how long. But what if you wanted to play that solo backwards? It would take a year just to wrap your head around it. Well... not if you're Bradley Hall.

The guitar virtuoso and YouTuber has recorded himself playing the solo to Metallica's era-defining Master Of Puppets in reverse!

"I thought this was going to be the easiest backwards video yet...oh boy, how wrong was I!" says Bradley. "The fact that this song barely fits on a grid and has various bars of 21/32 thrown in made this an absolute nightmare to get right.

Got there in in the end though, plus I thought I'd throw in the interlude and James' solo too as they ended up sounding pretty cool in reverse."

The cheek of it! Not only does Bradley nail Kirk's solo backwards, but he just tosses in Hetfield's one for a laugh.

Check it out for yourself.

Metallica are currently in the middle of an epic European stadium tour, which has already been quite eventful for Kirk Hammet, who slipped over onstage while soloing and kept playing!

Metallica are headlining the Etihad Stadium in Manchester on June 18 (get your tickets now) and Twickenham Stadium in London on June 20 (get your tickets now).

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