Waterparks' Awsten Knight Releases Song For Fake Band After Pranking U.S. News Channel

Yeah, he's taken this joke and run with it...

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When Waterparks frontman Awsten Knight saw a film crew for Pittsburgh-based TV channel KDKA-TV hanging around outside Warped Tour, doing a story about kids getting heat exhaustion at the festival, he went and gave an interview.

Except he didn't introduce himself as Awsten, he told the station his name was Kyle Fletchers, of completely-made-up-band December's Tragedy.

Warped Tour got in on the joke by making Awsten his own 'Kyle Fletchers' laminate to wear around the festival, but now it's been taken even further.

A track has appeared on Spotify, by the band December's Tragedy, called City Street Serenade, and supposedly featuring vocals from Patent Pending's Joe Ragosta.

Check it out below, while you wait for the fake merch and fake tour dates to appear.

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