We Break Down The New Slipknot Video For Unsainted

Slipknot's new video for Unsainted is here and it is crazy!

We Break Down The New Slipknot Video For Unsainted

Unless you’ve been hiding under the largest rock on the planet today, you’ll no doubt be aware that Slipknot have dropped a new video for their track Unsainted. Not only does the song slam, but the video is something to behold. Directed by Clown, it’s full of kaleidoscopic visuals, religious iconography, fire, and the first look at their new masks. It’s four minutes and 45 seconds long, and that’s a lot to take in when you’re looking through the lens of The Clown.

Let’s take a look at just what the hell is going on.

We begin on an elderly woman in a state of rest. Is she dreaming? Or, perhaps more appropriately, having a nightmare?

She’s awake! Shit! But just look at those eyes, she’s seen something horrific. Are those tears glazing her vision? Hang on, she’s just aged about 40 years in a second.

This looks pretty awesome, doesn’t it? Call us old fashioned, but there’s something satisfying about watching a veiled figure painted white, singing about never killing to save their own soul. The Slipknot ‘S’ painted on the lips just makes it all the more badass.

Okay, so the same woman from before is now trapped in a room of glass boxes. Is it a safety deposit room? One of the boxes has a small U.S. flag hanging from it, but we’re not sure why.

Yes! Here he is! It’s Corey motherflipping Taylor, being followed by someone who looks a bit like Emma Mackey from Netflix’s Sex Education.

Wait, what? “Emma” has been replaced with a hooded figure, and she’s now in the room of boxes without explanation. Is she also the older woman from before?

Maybe not as the red-headed woman from the beginning is now hanging out with her best mate Corey. She appears to be casting some kind of spell on him as he trudges toward the hooded group. Considering we're only 67 seconds in, it's all a bit confusing.

Heeeeeeeeeere’s Jay!

And V-Man!

And Craig, but he's basically just an outline, becoming one with the background.

Jim Root channels the power of stained glass windows.

Sid’s new mask might be our favourite. Peering out from under his robes, he's definitely the villain in a slasher film.

Mick will eat you.

We never had Corey down as a religious man, but he’s certainly got church on the brain HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Seriously, this man will fucking eat your innards.

Here’s the new guy! We don’t know his name, but it looks like he’s got some good ideas.

Clown has fully embraced the darkness and ditched any semblance of facepaint for a steely black exterior… with a red nose, of course.

The band play in something resembling the Before I Forget video, but with masks on and filmed through a grainy CCTV camera.

We thought the new guy might be hidden in the shadows, but here he is front and centre. Someone needs to make a gif of this clip.

The white room is replaced with a blood red, and the frantic footage from earlier has turned super slow-mo for the breakdown.

Just look at the detail in V-Man’s new mask.

Corey manages to find his way out of this creepy church, presumably leaving the shapeshifting/teleporting women behind.

Finding a stone figure of yourself outside a church is definitely the plot of a horror movie.

But how do you deal with finding a stone effigy of yourself? Set fire to the bastard!

As Corey burns, he is joined by statues of the remaining eight men in Slipknot for a striking final image. Again, Sid manages to look like an absolute badass.

Slipknot's new album We Are Not Your Kind will be released on August 9 through Roadrunner Records.

They will headline Download festival in the UK on June 15 – get your tickets now.

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