Who are Pierce The Veil’s fans?

We head to London’s Alexandra Palace for Pierce The Veil’s biggest-ever UK show to find out who their fans are and what they love most about the San Diego scene overlords…

Who are Pierce The Veil’s fans?
Words and photos:
Chris Bethell

Last Saturday, the emo/pop-punk powerhouse that is Pierce The Veil tore London's iconic Alexandra Palace to pieces as they rounded off their UK and Europe headline tour in glorious fashion.

Joined by Holding Absence and Dayseeker, the Californian punks welcomed 10,000 of their most dedicated fans to their biggest-ever UK show, celebrating their 2023 landmark (and long-awaited) fifth studio album The Jaws Of Life.

But who are these fans? And what is it they love most about Vic Fuentes and his merry men? Let's find out...

Eli, 21

How did you get into Pierce The Veil?
"We're talking years of love, really. They were one of the first bands I really got into. It was a weird tangent because before them I was into things like Flobots, but then I discovered bands like Pierce The Veil and Asking Alexandria. I wanna say I was 13 when I first got into them, via YouTube lyrics videos. They just came up one day and I fell in love."

What other music do you like?
"Oh God, I mean, I went to Download last year if that says enough? I've got All Time Low and Lil Peep tattoos. A bit of everything, really – I was listening to ’80s the other day. I went on an old binge, starting with The Beatles, and worked my way along to the ’80s and through to hip-hop somehow."

What's your most emo trait?
"My shocking amount of red flags!"

Can you walk us through what you're wearing?
"Charity shop boots I got for about two quid. Gloves were the same situation. This dress I can't remember where I got it, I just found it on the internet. Lace, layers – it's the kind of thing I always want to wear. My partner gave me this padlock chain, which we initially had our initials engraved in but it's worn off."

Charlie, 19

How long have you been a Pierce The Veil fan?
"I mainly got into them when I was 15 and then the interest faded a bit, but when this gig came up I thought I'd go for my younger self."

What have you been listening to since then?
"A lot of Bring Me The Horizon – I saw them live in January and it's been non-stop to the point where I got a tattoo inspired by them. It's the That's The Spirit album cover; they played a lot of that during the tour and it was so good."

What other genres do you listen to?
"Mainly along the alternative lines – pop-punk, emo, a bit of metal."

What's your most emo trait?
"Probably me and my mates doing the 'WHERE ARRRRR YEWWWW' everywhere."

Can you walk us through your outfit?
"So the fit is made up of a sleeveless shirt I got on the Bring Me tour, a pair of baggy cargos and my very faded and ripped Converse."

Ella, 21

How long have you been a Pierce The Veil fan?
"It's quite complicated, I've been a casual fan for over 10 years but I'd say I restanned this year. I re-listened to [2012 breakthrough album] Collide With The Sky and just fell in love with it."

What was it about that album?
"I don't know, I think it's gonna have to be King For A Day that won me over – that song got me through a lot of moments in my life, and I never realised at the time how much it helped me."

What other bands are you into?
"I love a bit of My Chemical Romance, and – this is quite controversial – I'm a big K-pop fan. I go back and forth between K-pop and rock whenever I feel like it."

What's your biggest emo trait?
"I won't be seen without leg warmers, so I guess that is a really big trait of mine."

On that note can you walk us through the rest of your outfit?
"I'm wearing a casual jumper from H&M because I didn't want to be too cold. Thrifted miniskirt, and fishnets which are always a necessity."

Angelina, 22

How long have you been into Pierce The Veil?
"For a while, actually! The first song I heard of theirs was The Divine Zero and it's my favourite."

Why do you love them so much?
"I don't know, maybe because I'm Latin! But not just that, their music just touched me. I don't know what it was, it was just amazing and I explored them more and more. My best mates Mez and Lavi, we all bonded over it."

What other bands do you like?
"I love Asking Alexandria, Slipknot, Korn, Madball! I'm a huge metalhead, for sure. But if we're gonna go baby emo then I'd say Black Veil Brides, Green Day, My Chemical Romance. I'm quite versatile, though, I like switching it up. I like R&B, a lot of reggae and a lot of Latin music as well."

Have you seen Pierce The Veil before?
"This is my first time! We were supposed to go last year but we couldn't make it. I am so excited for it, it's such a great venue for it. I'm over the moon!"

What's your biggest emo trait?
"My eyeliner!"

Can you walk us through your outfit?
"I couldn't choose between 20 outfits! I'm wearing this red and black skirt, my New Rocks, fluffy socks of course, a strappy bralet, and a mesh top with this oversized hoodie. And my hair in pigtails!"

Lavinia, 20

How long have you been a Pierce The Veil fan?
"Since I was 12 or 13 years old – forever, really! I got into them in my preteen emo phase, and now I'm an adult I still haven't left that phase. I still listen to the same music I used to. The lyrics, the culture, the vibe, the people!"

Do you remember how you discovered them?
"I think I discovered My Chemical Romance and then through them I discovered all the other emo bands. Through music apps and all that."

What other music do you like outside of emo?
"I like metal music. Sometimes I like pop – I do like Katy Perry! I'm a big fan, not gonna lie."

What's your biggest emo trait?
"I'd say aesthetics, but that's quite basic. I guess I don't leave the house without eyeliner?"

Can you walk us through your outfit?
"Platform boots, fishnets, this cute dress, my hair is tied up and got my make-up done. I've had this eyebrow slit since I was 12 years old."

Mez, 22

How long have you been a Pierce The Veil fan?
"Since I was 14 and I'm now 22. Kerrang! got me into them."

What is it about their music that keeps bringing you back?
"Well, their Mexican genes – I'm a Mexican boy! So the fact they're Mexican is great; it helps me feel represented in the scene."

What's your biggest emo trait?
"I don't class myself as an emo, but probably my music taste. Pierce The Veil, Bring Me The Horizon, Sleeping With Sirens, Paramore, Motionless In White. I love scaring the crap out of people with the music I listen to. That and I just love black!"

Can you walk us through what you're wearing?
"These trainers are Naked Wolfe; I'm short so I have to wear platforms. I made these trousers, got this T-shirt and it was too small so I added extra material. This bag I've had since I was in Year 9. And then this hoodie I made from scratch by myself."

Tallulah, 18

How long have you been a Pierce The Veil fan for?
"Probably since I was about 12 or 13, I got into them through one of my friends I met in school. We both went through the emo phase together. I think she put on [2016 track] Circles, and as soon as I heard it I was in love. I was like, 'This is it!'"

What do you love so much about that song?
"It just completely reminds me of that time in my life, listening to it together with my friend."

What keeps you listening to alternative music?
"It's just kind of my thing. You know when you hear something and you light up when you hear it? I don't really know, it's just cool."

What's your biggest emo trait?
"I can't stop getting piercings! I'm piercing myself all the time – I can't stop."

What are you wearing today?
"These are actually my mum's boots. She got them maybe three years ago, and I stole them from her. But they've been to most gigs, they went to Download last year. The rest is just my gig outfit!"

Clover, 18

When did you first get into Pierce The Veil?
"My friend showed me them in maybe 2020 or 2021."

What was it about them you liked?
"I don't know, I always loved emo music and everything around that. She showed me a few songs – my favourite is probably Floral & Fading. Oh and also Today I Saw The Whole World."

Have you seen them before?
"No, this is my first time. I'm excited!"

What's your biggest emo trait?
"Probably my piercings, I have a lot. My dahlias were my last ones."

Walk us through what you're wearing.
"A My Chemical Romance T-shirt, which isn't very good because I'm supposed to be supporting this band but I'm not even wearing their shirt – I feel bad! But it was the only red and black shirt I had on me."

Elvin, 20

What do you like about Pierce The Veil's music?
"The sound waves do something to my brain. They vibrate the inner corners of my corneas."

And what does that feel like?
"It feels like picturing yourself right now on the moon. That's what it feels like."

Do you have a particular favourite album? Which one sends you to the moon?
"Probably the newest one. Or any of them to be honest. Sometimes I get to Mars. Or Jupiter. Jupiter is rare, though."

What other music are you into?
"Metal! Black metal! Things like that. Satanist bands, but I'm not a satanist. I just like their music."

What would you say if your most emo trait?
"I don't think I have an emo trait. This is how I always dress!"

Walk us through your outfit.
"Normal clothes. I wear this to see my parents. I go to church like this. This is normal for me! I went the library yesterday in this. There's no such thing as emo clothes, this is just how I dress."

Jack, 20 and Isabelle, 21

How long have you been Pierce The Veil fans?
"Since I was about 12, so almost 10 years! I'm a huge Pierce The Veil fan. I introduced Jack to them…"
"We went to see them last year and I really liked it. I converted into my emo ways!"

What is it about their music that got you into them at 12, and what's kept you listening to them?
"Definitely the thrashy, angsty sound. I was pissed off at the world! They would talk about shit and it meant a lot to me. The lyric, 'Darling you'll be okay' meant a lot to me. It sounds so cheesy but I had a really difficult childhood. It just meant the world to me and now I'm here as an adult and I get to see them for my younger self. I'm so happy for her that I get to see them... She'd be so happy right now. She'd be like, 'I'm talking to Kerrang!? No way!'"

What was it about the gig that won you over, Jack?
"I listened to a couple of songs beforehand but the atmosphere was amazing when I got there. Everyone there was so friendly. I've been to other gigs in other genres where people have been less than friendly, but stepping into this scene everyone was so nice and welcoming. I didn't meet anyone who even gave me the slightest off look."
"Everyone looks so punk and scary with their tattoos and piercings, but they're actually the loveliest. If I was in a bad situation I'd want to be with these people. It's so comforting as a fanbase and a great community to be a part of."

What else do you listen to?
"I love a bit of Charlie XCX, SZA, a lot of pop. I like everything, to be honest. I'm not picky like that. I've listened to opera before! The Killers are probably my favourite band."

What would you say is your biggest emo trait?
"I've been every single hair colour you can be!"

Can you walk us through your outfits?
"Harley Davidson jacket, a little ASOS crop top number, and some Nike Airs."
"I know it's really bad, but mine is all mass-produced, factory-made fast-fashion. It's really bad, but the thing is, as a working-class person it's acceptable. I don't want to talk about where I got most of the stuff from! I love patterns, these Docs are new because I lost my old Docs in a boat in Cambodia. Long story. So I had to get these new ones from Depop. This jacket is second-hand as well, it's kind of got a Versace feel to it."

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