Who are PVRIS’ fans?

We hit the queue of PVRIS’ headline show at the O2 Academy Birmingham to find out who their fans are and what it is they love about Lyndsey Gunnulfsen’s genre-straddling music…

Who are PVRIS’ fans?
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Chris Bethell

After a stint in mainland Europe, PVRIS made their way to the UK this week for a string of shows in England and Scotland, joined by co-conspirator and bimbocore extraordinaire Scene Queen. Having last made their way across the pond supporting the mighty Fall Out Boy in some of our biggest arenas last autumn, Lyndsey Gunnulfsen returned to headline in emphatic style, armed with sensational latest LP EVERGREEN.

But who are PVRIS’ followers? Having broken onto the scene more than a decade ago, Lyndsey has fostered a real community around her and her music, connecting with fans of all ages and backgrounds. We headed along to their show at the O2 Academy in Birmingham to find out what keeps people coming back for more.

Ria, 21

How long have you been a PVRIS fan?
"Since 2016, I think. I used to go on Spotify and search for new artists, then I found them and fell in love. At the time I was getting into more rock music and upbeat music. The lyrics drew me in. And just the fact that Lynn is the queen – she's awesome."

Have they been a gateway band to heavier music?
"Probably not heavy music, but definitely more female artists. I used to only listen to male bands and artists, but after PVRIS I made a playlist of female vocalists to get more into my feminist side."

What's your music red flag?
"I'm open to all music, really. My own personal red flag is maybe that I spend all of my savings on music and gigs and merch!"

And what are you wearing?
"Just this crop top with… Jesus or Mary on it? I don't know! Some jeans and a bumbag."

Ricky, 38

How long have you been a PVRIS fan?
"Since the first album [White Noise]. How long ago was that? I'm getting that old I can't remember how long ago it was…"

How did you first discover them?
"Listening to similar music. You know how Spotify creates playlists for you? They came up on a playlist and I've followed them since. I've seen them every time they've come to Birmingham."

What is it about their music you like so much?
"Different emotions in different songs. Some are really chill, others are upbeat and funky, and they're just a decent band. Nice, genuine people."

What other music are you listening to?
"A lot of metal: Jinjer, Korn, Slipknot, Mudvayne, American Head Charge. All of the 2000s nu-metal and heavy metal."

What's your music red flag?
"I'm pretty open, really. Hmm. Oh, Arctic Monkeys. I don't like that kind of music. People can like whatever they like, that's why we're all different. People are probably like that with my music, but I'm very set in my ways."

Walk us through what you're wearing.
"This T-shirt is off Instagram – TC Threads. My jeans are from Bershka in Barcelona and some type of Dunks."

Misha, 30

How long have you been a PVRIS fan for?
"I'm actually here for Scene Queen!"

Oh, okay! So, how long have you been into Scene Queen?
"Two years, I think. I felt like I needed to listen to more female artists. It was too much of a sausage fest in my playlists and I needed more women, so that's why I found her."

What do you like about her so much?
"The fact she doesn't give a shit, and she's not afraid to scream her heart out. Her songs make for great karaoke sessions – or scream-alongs while doing housework."

What's your music red flag?
"When people are really creepy in the scene."

What are you wearing?
"I've got these New Rocks, they're third-hand! I'm wearing tartan jeans, an occult-style cloak and just a longsleeve underneath."

Jamal, 37

How long have you been into PVRIS?
"Probably for about four or five months. I'm fresh fan! I got into them through my friend Ricky, who you just spoke to. He's a big fan and bought the tickets, telling me I'd really like them. So I gave them a listen and I was like, 'Yeah, totally.'"

What is it about their music that hooked you?
"I think it's a mixture really of the rock and slight pop but her vocals are just amazing. She's got such a beautiful, angelic voice. I was like, 'I'm hooked! I'm in!' She's really cool."

What other music are you playing at the moment?
"I'm a big ’90s hip-hop guy. So currently I'm listening to Ghostface Killah – he just dropped a new album so I'm listening to that. PVRIS of course. Then there's also an R&B guy called Party Next Door that I'm listening to."

What's your music red flag?
"Oh man, it's tough. I'm very, very sorry. I know there's a huge community out there, but I can't do Taylor Swift. Please don't come for me, Swifties! Nothing against her, she's an amazing superstar, but everyone's got their thing."

And what are you wearing?
"I'm just wearing this cool graphic pizza top from H&M alongside some combats, then some classic Chuck Taylor’s! Keep it nice and comfy. My watch is a Rotary."

Meggie, 25

When did you get into PVRIS?
"Since their first single! So, maybe 10 years ago? I'll say 10 years. I was talking about it with my friends earlier, when it came out we were like, 'Oh damn! It's actually been a decade!'"

What do you like about their music so much?
"I'm one of those people that like male-fronted bands more than female-fronted bands, but they just stood out more against the rest of them. I don't know what it was, they were just nice and fresh. [Lynn's] good at what she does, she has the voice for it."

What other acts are you listening to at the moment?
"A lot of Bad Omens, basically! And Bring Me The Horizon. Always a bit of My Chemical Romance!"

What's your red flag in music?
"When people think they're better than others and actively show it. Like, they know they're good and they wanna push on that that they're the best."

And what are you wearing today?
"I'm wearing a Drop Dead hoodie. Not much else, really. A Def Leppard T-shirt and some jeans."

Roshan, 20

When did you get into PVRIS?
"Seven years ago! The song What's Wrong first got me into them, it came up on my YouTube recommendations."

What gripped you?
"Lynn's voice and the dark, atmospheric sound of it. They showed me how to be empowered through vulnerability. Lynn herself was very fundamental for who I grew into as a person. Their music resonates with me in a way that feels spiritual."

What other artists are you listening to?
"Bad Omens, The Maine, You Me At Six, Palaye Royale, Bring Me The Horizon, Paramore."

What's your red flag in music?

Can you walk me through what you're wearing?
"I just bought this T-shirt from someone selling fake merch – it was £7, but it's a good shirt! And black jeans and boots. And the pride flag!"

Kerri, 21

How long have you been a PVRIS fan?
"A good few years! I got into them when I heard the song My House, I just loved it and vibed with it at the time."

Is that your favourite song?
"No, I quite like Animals – one of their newer songs. It's relatable, I've screamed that in the car a few times. Don't make me sing it!"

What are some of your fave bands?
"I do love Machine Gun Kelly."

What's your red flag in music?
"Drill. I hate that shit. It's just all the same and all about the same stuff."

And tell us about your outfit.
"Vans, fishnets and a black dress."

Lauren, 25

How long have you been a PVRIS fan for?
"I think when I was 14 or 15 I got into them. I don't know what got me into them initially, I guess I was a teenager and the first album was quite hitting at the time and at that age."

What's kept you listening to them?
"They've just grown in maturity as I've grown, I guess."

Which songs are you excited to hear tonight?
"You And I, definitely. Fire. Their older stuff!"

What other bands are you listening to at the moment?
"Scene Queen! She's obviously playing tonight, she's so good. I've seen her, like, four times in the last year and I fucking love her. I'm going to see Nickelback soon. And Bring Me The Horizon are always a favourite."

What are you wearing today?
"Just whatever I picked up this morning! I'm going on holiday tomorrow, so I didn't plan this at all."

Paige, 28

How long have you been into PVRIS?
"About 10 years, I'd say. I got into them by fluke. I found them on YouTube and it was nice to discover a new female-led band for a change – it was very male-dominated back then. The song I found was from an EP called Mind Over Matter. I just got hooked from there. They've progressed, grown and matured as time has gone on. They're very versatile as a band and that's why I like them."

Did you get into any other bands via PVRIS?
"Scene Queen, for sure! That's probably the main act they've led me to."

Who else are you listening to?
"Knocked Loose's new album, a lot of Scene Queen, and more recently Movements again."

What's your music red flag?
"MGK! Every day. Everything about him. I can't stand him."

And what are you wearing today?
"I'm wearing platform Dr. Martens, long-line shorts, Frank Carter shirt, a vest and a belt."

Tom, 26 and Florence, 25

How long have you both been into PVRIS?
"Since I was about 14."
"Yeah, I think since about White Noise, so probably about the same time."

So a long-term love.
"Yeah, it's quite a while!"
Florence: "I think I found them on Spotify through going through playlists."
"Yeah, recommended bands and whatnot."
"It could have been you, actually."
"Quite possibly! For me I was watching the St. Patrick video on Scuzz and that led me into more of their songs."

What's kept you listening to them?
"Just more of the same good music!"
"They're timeless and her voice is amazing."
"As much as they've changed from the first album, it's still very much the same band I liked at the beginning."
"They've gone with the times but kept the same ethos."

What are your music red flags?
"Aggression. When people interpret the music as aggressive. So when they misread it."
"There was a gig I went to recently – and it's not the band's fault at all, but they're known for having quite a chaotic pit. It was Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes. And the mosh-pit wasn't like a normal one, there was no control to it or anything. Just carnage. It was like people were just going into the pit to fight and that's not what it's about."

Can you walk us through what you're wearing?
"I've got my platform Docs, my chequered Vans trousers, black top and a harness."
"New Rock platform boots, they're so comfortable. I think these are just H&M jeans and an AllSaints top."

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