Who Does Axl Rose Consider To Be The Greatest Band Of All Time?

Nope, it's not Guns N' Roses or AC/DC – but he has performed with them...

Who Does Axl Rose Consider To Be The Greatest Band Of All Time?

Guns N' Roses frontman has revealed who he believes to be the greatest band and vocalist of all time in a rare interview.

Speaking to Atlas Etihad ahead of the band's appearance in Abu Dhabi last Sunday, the vocalist was asked who he thinks deserves the accolade.

"For me, it’s easy – Queen is the greatest band and Freddie [Mercury] is the greatest frontman of all time," says the singer. "The band are the greatest because they embraced so many different styles."

Guns N' Roses appeared at The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert for AIDS Awareness at London's Wembley Stadium in 1992 and performed Paradise City, and covers of Alice Cooper's Only Women Bleed and Bob Dylan's Knockin' on Heaven's Door.

Rose also sang Bohemian Rhapsody and We Will Rock You with the surviving members of Queen.

The Guns N' Roses frontman also revealed that he hopes to write a film soundtrack in the future.

"Listening to movie soundtracks is a big thing for me," says Rose. "When you listen to stuff like Pirates Of The Caribbean and you get that blend of orchestra and modern instrumentation – it’s very clever. I have a lot of respect for the guys who do that. It is something that I would like to do at some point in the future."

Guns N' Roses play the Johannesburg's FNB Stadium on November 29 and their first-ever Hawaiian show at Honolulu's Aloha Stadium on December 8.

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