WILLOW announces new single, symptom of life

A few months on from the release of 2023 track alone, WILLOW has announced the next single from her upcoming sixth album. Hear a sneak preview of symptom of life now…

WILLOW announces new single, symptom of life
Emily Carter
Single artwork:
Salomé Gomis-Trezise

WILLOW has just announced a brand-new single.

Due out on March 12, the track goes by the name <symptom of life>, and it follows last year’s dreamy effort, alone. The musician has teased the song with a preview on Instagram, along with the caption, “y’all are not ready.” And based on its piano intro, it will seemingly be a step away from the rock and pop-punk of 2022’s <COPINGMECHANISM> and the previous year’s lately i feel EVERYTHING.

That’s something WILLOW alluded to in a recent interview with Rolling Stone, detailing a shift in mindset from her previous era: “During that time, emotionally, I was going through so much. There was so much anger. There was so much resentment. There was so much need to just express myself. And those two albums helped me get it out. For <COPINGMECHANISM> I was almost never sober in the studio. And for this new album, I was sober for every single recording session…

“I feel like my mind state was extremely different. There was so much more gratitude, so much more resonance with myself, and so much more coming back to my roots with these new songs that are coming out.”

Check out the two new WILLOW teasers below:

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