13 of the most diehard fanbases in rock

From classic rock to contemporary pop-punk, these fandoms are seriously dedicated…

13 of the most diehard fanbases in rock

A band is nothing without its fans. Those who pay for the music, stream songs, buy merch and turn up to shows are the lifeblood of the rock and metal world, and the reason bands can keep making great music and putting on awesome shows. There are some, however, who go above and beyond, essentially dedicating their lives to their favourite artists, creating active communities around the music that to them means so much. In celebration of those fanbases that go the extra mile, we’ve compiled a list of 13 of the most dedicated fandoms, who continually show their incredible devotion to the cause.

MCRmy – My Chemical Romance

The MCRmy are widely regarded as one of the most dedicated fanbases in rock. Even when Gerard Way and co. were absent between 2013 and 2019, the Killjoys, as My Chem fans are otherwise known, remained steadfastly loyal to the band. The dedication was there for all to see at MCR’s ‘Return’ show at the LA Shrine in December, with members of the MCRmy camping outside the venue several nights in advance of the concert. Another example of MCR fans’ dedication and creativity is that of their SINGItForJapan video, where the band asked the MCRmy to create artwork in a show of solidarity with those affected by the 2011 earthquakes in Japan.

skeleton clique – twenty one pilots

The skeleton clique are a committed bunch. Constantly on the hunt for clues as to the next move from their idols in twenty one pilots, their name originates from the band’s repeated use of skeleton iconography and the skull and alien logos adopted by Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun. Reddit is a great place to go for proof of the clique’s dedication to twenty one pilots, with dozens of conspiracy theory threads present from fans intent on trying to piece together all aspects of the worlds created by the band.

Echelon – Thirty Seconds To Mars

Any fan willing to fork out thousands of dollars to head to a private island with their favourite band has to be pretty dedicated to the cause. That’s the case for many members of the Echelon, the devoted fanbase of Jared Leto’s Thirty Seconds To Mars, who are hosting their ‘Mars Island’ vacation experience this summer. The band themselves have made no secret of the cult status the Echelon has achieved, and watching the sheer adoration with which fans hang off Leto’s every word, it’s not hard to see why. Fancy joining? Mars Island hits Croatia from June 20-24, with prices starting at $164.

Soldiers Of The Royal Council – Palaye Royale

Palaye Royale’s latest UK tour wasn’t exactly smooth sailing, with the band being forced to cancel or move multiple shows owing to disputes with the venues regarding the trio’s exuberant performances. What these issues did demonstrate, however, was the two-way dedication that exists between the band and their followers, the Soldiers Of The Royal Council, with Palaye Royale staging relocated shows where possible. This is a fanbase built in the guise of the MCRmy, and in its unbridled commitment to the band it follows, you can certainly see the similarities.

Maggots – Slipknot

Slipknot’s music demands a cult-like following, and the Maggots are only too willing to oblige. A recent example of the fervour with which the Maggots follow Slipknot were their attempts to unmask Tortilla Man, with various online theories devoted to uncovering the identity of their newest member. The dedication of the Maggots has regularly been noted by the band, the most high-profile example of this being the track Pulse Of The Maggots, released by Slipknot in 2004, which serves as a rallying cry from The Nine to their followers.

BVB Army – Black Veil Brides

Members of the BVB Army stand for more than just the adoration of Black Veil Brides. Andy Biersack and his bandmates have long sought to cultivate a fandom that’s inclusive and providing of a safe space for all, something that echoes their lyrics, which often speak about and to those in society who feel like outcasts. The BVB Army are similar to the Soldiers Of The Royal Council in that the traits of their fandom seem to echo those of the MCRmy, with fans adopting hair, make-up and fashion styles similar to those displayed by members of the band.

Hustlers – All Time Low

Pop-punk heroes All Time Low were one of the pioneers of 21st century fan groups. Creating the Hustlers online fan club back in the days of So Wrong, It’s Right, the band helped to cultivate a fanbase that’s grown from strength to strength since. Rewarding supporters with access to online message boards, exclusive merch and pre-sales, the Hustlers Club is a fine example of how a band can enhance the connection between themselves and their supporters.

Juggalos – Insane Clown Posse

One of the more bizarre fandoms here, the Juggalos that follow Insane Clown Posse are undoubtedly a dedicated bunch. Donning the iconic evil clown face-paint of their heroes, the Juggalos have been an active fan community since the mid-’90s, and have done some pretty cool things in their time, including setting up several charitable initiatives. ICP have even established Juggalo Day, an annual event held in February that celebrates all things Juggalo.


The prevalence of the KISS Army laid the foundations for the fandoms of My Chemical Romance, Black Veil Brides and the like. Founded in the mid ’70s and still going strong to this day, the KISS Army will likely be active long after their heroes’ final live run, The End Of The Road World Tour, climaxes in 2022. The KISS Army has recruited legions of soldiers over the years and has even reached into the world of politics, former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice hitting the headlines in 2008 when she enlisted with the band before their concert in Stockholm.

Black Hearts Club – YUNGBLUD

Named after a pair of tattoos that adorn Dom Harrison’s knuckles, the Black Hearts Club are possibly rock’s fastest-growing fanbase in rock. Wherever YUNGBLUD goes, swathes of supporters follow, the Doncaster native regularly causing havoc whenever he arranges public meetings with his fans, like when he shut down Times Square in October 2019 after hundreds of Black Hearts Club members flocked to meet him. A fanbase built on inclusivity and the idea that YUNGBLUD is a community more than it is a musical project, expect the Black Hearts Club to continue to grow as Dom’s stock rises higher.

Creeper Cult – Creeper

The Creeper Cult are always first on the case when it comes to uncovering the secrets that lie within the Southampton punks’ conceptual records. Whether it’s the story of the Callous Heart and James Scythe that belongs to debut album Eternity, In Your Arms, or the narrative that’s being told on 2020 LP Sex, Death And The Infinite Void, Creeper’s followers buy into the band’s world-building with glee, revelling in untangling the many webs laid down by Will Gould and his cohorts. The active Creeper Cult Facebook group helps to foster the strong sense of community that exists around the band, with fans regularly sharing theories about the band’s next move.

BFS Army – Bowling For Soup

They’re a band best-known for goofy jokes and carefree pop-punk jams, so Bowling For Soup might not seem like the kind of band that would garner adoration in the same way as My Chemical Romance or twenty one pilots, but behind the laughter lies a great deal of heart within this fanbase. The BFS Army have an incredibly active online presence, something that frontman Jaret Reddick helps to foster by sharing news about the band with members before it goes public. The BFS Army dates back to the days of street teams, when members would actively flyer for shows and garner support for the band.


The BABYMETAL phenomenon has been growing for several years, and much of that is down to their incredibly loyal fans. Sometimes referred to as the Kitsune, The One or the Mosh’sh Mates are a fiercely dedicated and very diverse bunch, with teens and experienced rockers alike drawn to worship the Fox God and the music his chosen ones make. Like many of the other fandoms listed here, when it comes to suiting up for shows, for many of their followers, pulling on costumes is absolutely mandatory.

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