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4 movies and TV series to watch and forget how cold it is outside

From irony-clad slashers to superhero saviours, here’s what you should be watching this week…

4 movies and TV series to watch and forget how cold it is outside
Kerrang! staff

Have you been outside lately? It's horrific! The mercury is plummeting toward zero, everything is covered in frost, and the sun is so low in the sky you inexplicably need sunglasses in the depths of winter like someone trying to hide the fact they're still fucked from the night before.

To combat this need to go into the fresh air, we've put together two movies, one series and one documentary that you should check out this weekend instead of surrendering yourself to another ill-advised country stroll in 17 layers of fleece.

Woodlands Dark And Days Bewitched: A History Of Folk Horror

As the title suggests, this new three-hour doc from Shudder (the horror streaming service that your mate has) explores the dark, twisted fantasy of the folk horror genre. You no doubt fell in love with Midsommar back in 2019, and its nightmarish pseudo-paganism, but there’s so much more to the ethereal evil of folk horror. From Wicker Man to Pet Semetary via a smorgasbord of occultism and deals with the devil, this is a superbly nerdy deep dive into a world of wicker and wiccan.

Out now on Shudder.


The third movie in Phase Four of the MCU’s conquest of cinema is now available on Disney+. While Spider-Man: No Way Home reintroduced us to some old favourites in a bid to fight the bad guys, Eternals is full of new faces and unknown entities in a battle to save humanity. Basically, a race of ageless super-beings have been protecting all of humankind from Deviants (gruesome monsters that have an insatiable thirst for your skin) for thousands of years, and now they’re back to defeat them one more time. Popcorn at the ready.

Out now on Disney+.


Why is the fifth movie in a franchise reverting back to its original name? Good question. And it’s one that the latest uber-meta instalment answers with a knowing grin. Returning to Westboro, we find another serial killer on the loose, one whose into the movie-in-a-movie Stab and how studios are obsessed with ‘requels’ and ruining fans’ enjoyment of movies (get it?). There’s some brilliant kills, twists and self-referential dialogue that reminds you just how fun and groundbreaking first Scream actually was. How many scary movies do you know that give shout outs to Jordan Peele and elevated horror, while also setting someone on fire?

Out now in cinemas.

After Life: Season 3

Love him or hate him (and many people do), Ricky Gervais has managed to win the hearts of millions with his Netflix smash After Life, which has returned for its third and final season. Almost guaranteed to induce so many tears you’ll have to sandbag your front door, this last dance with Tony will hopefully end on a positive note for the man who’s spent years wishing his time away. Just don’t let anything happen to the dog!

Out now on Netflix.

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