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5 movies and TV series to kickstart the new year

From awkward romance in the ’70s to trying to stop World Wars II and III, here’s what you should be watching this week...

5 movies and TV series to kickstart the new year
Kerrang! staff

New year, new you, right? Yeah, whatever. We both know you're not actually going to try hot yoga or cut out carbs from your diet, so you might as well put on your comfy trousers, pop open the Pringles and turn on the TV. Isn't that better?

To assist you in this period of self-betterment (staying awesome, just the way you are), we've got some new movies and TV shows to shove in your eyes – from deluded actors making a break for it in America to spy collectives kicking ass and taking names. Happy 2022!

Licorice Pizza

Despite starring two newbies in Cooper Hoffman and Alana Haim (yes, from the band Haim), Licorice Pizza has been inundated with award nominations and plaudits from critics and people in charge of handing out little golden gongs. Paul Thomas Anderson continues his infatuation with the San Fernando Valley (see Boogie Nights and Magnolia) with this coming-of-age comedy set in the 1970s, which finds Gary Valentine (Cooper) fall awkwardly in love with Alana Kane (Alana), setting in motion of romantic journey of discovery for both of them. Something good and wholesome when we need it most.

In cinemas now.

Toast Of Tinseltown

If you haven’t already watched Matt Berry’s incredible Toast Of London series and screamed ‘I can hear you, Clem Fandango!’ down the phone at opportune moments, then what on earth did you spend lockdown doing?! But for those of us in the know, Toast is heading to Hollywood to try and finally receive the recognition his acting deserves. Of course, we know this won’t happen, and he will almost definitely go postal on some poor producer. We can’t wait.

Out now on BBC iPlayer.

Munich: The Edge Of War

Remember in 1917 when George MacKay had to make a daring run through the trenches and across no man’s land to deliver an important message? Well, in this new flick based on the book of the same name, he now has to travel to Germany to retrieve a document as the UK stands on the brink of WW2. So far, so simple, right? Although he does swiftly find himself embroiled in a mesh of subterfuge, espionage, and life-threatening danger. Strap yourself to the edge of your seat.

In select cinemas now and on Netflix from January 21.

Euphoria: Season 2

You’ve no doubt seen the new Spider-Man movie and are acutely aware of awesome Zendaya is. But if you needed more convincing, throw yourself into the series of Euphoria where she stars as recovering teenage drug addict Rue Bennett – definitely not as much room for superhero banter as MJ. Instead we find ourselves in a powerful tale of identity, depression, substance abuse, sex and trauma as a group of high school friends attempt to make sense of a world that isn’t on their side.

On NOW from January 9.

The 355

Looking for some big action on the big screen? Look no further than The 355, which sees an international collective of female secret agents join forces to try and avert World War III. Drawing on spies and operatives from different corners of the globe – from a British computer specialist to a Colombian psychologist – this uneasy alliance must retrieve a secret weapon from a terrorist group. Expect explosions, one-liners and fists to the face. Count us in.

In cinemas on January 7.

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