A Wendy's In Tennessee Hosted An Impromptu Metalcore Gig Last Night

On a whim, two touring bands found themselves playing to a Wendy's in Knoxville, Tennessee, last night.

A Wendy's In Tennessee Hosted An Impromptu Metalcore Gig Last Night

Given how brutally they roasted a bunch of metal and hardcore bands on Twitter last month, one wouldn't be surprised to discover that the people behind burger chain Wendy's are pretty fucking down. But metalcore act Capital Vices and alternative/pop-punk crew Makena probably had no idea how chill the restaurant was until they asked they asked the manager of a Wendy's in Knoxville, Tennessee, if they could play a show...and were told yes!

“We stopped to use the restroom and just jokingly asked if we could play,” Capital Vices told Alternative Press. “And the manager let us because it was her birthday and she wanted us to do it as a birthday present.”

At first, the dudes in Makena seemed skeptical:

But then, lo and behold, the show went on as planned:

You really can't make this shit up. It's like an eclipse -- you just need to witness it.

Whether Capital Vices and Makena dipped their fries in their Frosties remains to be seen. In the meantime, touring bands, if you ever stop somewhere to take a leak, ask the manager if you can play a show there. Who knows -- it might be the gig of a lifetime.


PHOTO: @KodakChris_

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