Album review: Creeping Death – Boundless Domain

Fast-rising Texan death metal collective Creeping Death introduce you to the fire and brimstone of their Boundless Domain…

Album review: Creeping Death – Boundless Domain
Sam Law

Death metal is everywhere right now. From revivified legends like Suffocation and Obituary to the bloodthirsty new breed of Gatecreeper and Undeath sharpening the serrated cutting-edge, competition is ferocious. Creeping Death’s biblical moniker could be taken to indicate the inclusion of some thrashy 1980s Metallica influence, but the mighty Texans’ modus operandi is reversion to old-school bludgeon that feels like a celebration of the very resurgence of which they’re part.

There’re precious few moments of respite on this second album. From the moment the title-track erupts from its twangy intro into the sort of disgusting churn evocative of a cement-mixer filled with boulders and human remains, there’s an adamant refusal to fuck around. Vitrified Earth luxuriates in a soul-flaying scourge that’d do Gorguts or Grave proud. The Parthian Shot, meanwhile, wraps battle-ready riffs around a description of ancient Iranian cavalry manoeuvres with the historical nous (albeit not quite the lofty technicality) of South Carolina legends Nile.

Crucially, the predatory ravenousness of songs like Creators Turned Into Prey and Remnants Of The Old Gods has far more in common with the springy aggro of modern hardcore than the rusty, crusty cleave of metal’s past. With Killswitch Engage guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz on production and Cannibal Corpse frontman George ‘Corpsegrinder’ Fisher guesting on the gut-wrenchingly groovy Intestinal Wrap, there’re well-supported by legends from both sides of that divide.

Ultimately, of course, Boundless Domain is best enjoyed without thinking too much about it. By the time concussive highlight The Common Breed spills into cataclysmic closer The Edge Of Existence, you’ll likely have headbanged yourself into a daze of primal euphoria. And, though it’s hard to imagine Creeping Death will stray far sonically over the years to come, that’s okay – because this breed of cavemen are better off ripping flesh than reinventing the wheel.

Verdict: 4/5

For fans of: Cannibal Corpse, Undeath, Grave

Boundless Domain is out on June 16 via MNRK Heavy

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